Justice for MJ Stop Neglect/Abuse In Memory Care Units.

The main difference between Memory Care Units and traditional assisted living facilities is that Memory Care Units are specifically for patients who are dealing with dementia and Alzheimer's. Unfortunately many patients are abused and neglected in these facilities. They are a prime target for abuse and neglect on many different levels. The facilities in Florida have been investigated numerous times. Many complaints have been filed and reviews left for these facilities.
For one patient who was suppose to be in a secure location was missing for several days. Staff did not notify guardian. The patient was removed from the facility after patient was found. The patient had numerous soft tissue contusions. Upon having the patient removed the guardian was made aware of the patients medical changes and decrease in behavior. The patient was being overdosed on medications. She was being physically abused where hand print size contusions were found on patient.
Another patients guardian states her mother was left in the bathroom for hours where she eventually had fallen and suffered trauma from her fall. The facility stated they had the patient checked thoroughly for any fractures or injuries. The patient stayed in pain for days at this facility. The guardian finally had her mother taken to the Emergency Department where the doctor diagnosed her with a fractured hip.
These stories continue. When will it stop? When will these facilities begin to care? When will they have strict rules and policies that are actually followed?
Only 20% of abuse and neglect cases involving dementia and Alzheimer's patients are reported in the US every year. Memory care units are suppose to be there to help and heal, but never harm. Many patients suffering from Alzheimer's abuse may not remember the abuse ever happening, or they may only remember certain feelings associated with the abuse. Without being able to communicate that there is a problem, the patient experiencing Alzheimer's/Dementia abuse is unlikely to receive help.
With your help, MJ and many others with this terrible disease that has affected their minds can stop being abused, neglected, and left to die in these horror facilities. Help me take action today.

65G-8.007 Seclusion and Restraint. Effective:
(1) Every effort should be made to avoid unnecessary use of seclusion and restraint; therefore, staff should try to redirect and diffuse problem behavior before employing the reactive strategy of seclusion and restraint.
(2) Seclusion and restraint as a reactive strategy may be utilized only if certified staff persons are available in sufficient number to ensure its safe implementation.
(3) Staff must continuously observe the client during restraint procedures, monitor respiration rate, and determine when release criteria have been met.
(4) Seclusion and restraint procedures exceeding one hour require approval by an authorizing agent.
(5) Seclusion and restraint may not exceed two hours without visual review and approval of the procedure by an authorizing agent or the agent's on-site designee.
(6) Staff must obtain additional authorization for use of seclusion and restraint for a behavioral episode occurring more than fifteen minutes after termination of a prior procedure, and document the additional use in the individual's record.
(7) Before initiating a seclusion or restraint procedure, staff must inspect the environment and the individual in order to ensure that any foreign objects that might present a hazard to the individual's safety are removed.
(8) Any room in which the individual is held must have sufficient lighting and ventilation to permit the individual to see and breathe normally, and must have enough space to permit him or her to lie down comfortably.
(9) The door to any room in which an individual is secluded without an attending staff person must not be locked; however, the door can be held shut by a staff person using a spring bolt, magnetic hold, or other mechanism that permits the individual in seclusion to leave the room if the caregiver leaves the vicinity. Forensic facilities may seek a waiver or variance from this requirement through Section 120.542, F.S.
(10) An individual mechanically restrained for more than one hour must be permitted an opportunity for motion and exercise for at least ten minutes of each hour that the individual is restrained.
Rulemaking Authority 393.501, 393.13(4)(h)2., 916.1093(2) FS. Law Implemented 393.13(4)(h), 916.1093(2) FS. History–New 8-7-08.

We the undersigned do hereby demand that the abuse, neglect and theft of the residents at Krystal Bay Nursing Home and Rehabilitation be stopped! This for profit company has been cited in the past, and yet it continues. The company bills at the highest rate and provides the worst care.
An unannounced visit, or an undercover cover visit should be done. An independent investigation and review of the practices will prove the abuse, neglect, and theft that is a daily issue.
Fining the company is not enough!
Fining each owner, shareholder, stockholder, and employee is a beginning. Charges against the above mentioned should happen next.
Be a voice for those who have none!

Brenda H Stephens is a dear friend. She is a strong person and warrior. This is her story of what has taken place since MJ was placed in memory care facilities. "I am Brenda, I am the voice for MJ aka Sugarbritches, we are in the middle of two of our very dear friends. I am going to start sharing with you the beautiful story of our journey together with dementia and the injustice that was done to MJ by the medical professionals. I believe our elderly and those that suffer from dementia and Alzheimer's need a voice, they are not being treated with dignity, Grace, or compassion. They are being over drugged and treated like zombies so that they don't have to deal with them. MJ is not dementia MJ is a human being that has dementia. Our story is a very unique story about love and how love should be." This should never happen MJ was abused and neglected by the hands of the employees at these facilities.

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