Justice For NICO BENTO

In England occured one of the most greatest mistake of the criminal inquiry and Justice Administration of that there is memory in the modern times.
Kamila Gasztka, a polish girl, 26 years old, immigrant in England, is found dead in a lake in Bedford, in the early morning of the 24th January 2006. Her boyfriend, the portuguese immigrant Amilton Nicolas Bento, 27 years old at the time, and know as "Nico", delivers to the Police a white wallet that belonged to Kamila, when gives for her disappearence.
A suicide theory was rejected by the Police since the very beginnig without any particular reason. Nico was made prisoner by suspicion of his girlfriend dead.
Wich is the base theory for incriminate him and, later, condemn-him to life imprisonment?
A bad quality video, recorded by a vigilance camera was the "evidence" that mantained Nico's accusation and condemnation. In that video, Kamila walked, allegadly, with the white wallet that Nico had delivered to Police. Despite the bad quality of the images, the most part of FSS (Forensic Science Service) experts, rested on the recommendations of a US "expert", Casey Cottle, affirm do not have doubts that the wallet "seen" in that images is the same that Nico was delivered to the Police. Even with the delivery of the wallet, denotating cooperation and good faith, and with the bad quality of the video images, that don't allowed to have absolutely sure that was the wallet that she wear in that particular day, Nico was made prisoner in 2006 and condemned to life imprisonment in the 25th July 1007.The accusation was suceeded in proving the homicide theory by strangulation (without any evidence of carotids traumas!!!), mantaining the cause of the crime in the robbery of ATM Kamila's card . Despite of the friends and relatives of Kamila assured that she suffers from depression and she had already attempt suicide, such statments were not taken into account and Nico was condemned. Nico had FIVE different Lawyers, and one of them was condemned to pay legally delay costs (probably, the first time in the UK!). Finally, the defense was suceeded in proving the innocence of Nico, that was released barely two years afterwards (14 of July 2009). The US "expert" recomended by FSS commited suicide.
The video didn't prove that Kamila had the wallet with her. During the police hearings was called of "black" (in a subtle way) and "portuguese immigrant", for beyond others "sweetnesses". The trial was abolished. The Nico's girlfriend still dead and nobody knows how, neither why. And Nico was released and the Public Ministry gives up accusing him again.
It looks like a story. But it's TRUE!
The Nico's family spent over 100.000%u20AC in his legal defense. To Nico, not even a word from the English government.
Please, SIGN the petition to be sent to Human Rigths European Court, so that the English State can be prosecuted and compensate Nico Bento!
Thank You.
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