Say no to the animal abuse in Puerto Rico Shelters and in our STREETS

  • by: Alma Febus
  • recipient: Save Puerto Rico Animal Life's
Here are some obligation and responsibility with the rights of our animals it goes forther to just treat them right, also is to accuse the abuser that that break the law 154. Our silent permits us to aloud more and more abuse to go on. We must stand up and speak for those who cannot speak land be the voice of the animals.

That same silent, yes that silent has cost lot of animals live all over the world. The cops have the right to take your statement and filled a case against who abuse to the animals. It doesn't mater if it is neglect, not feeding the animals or if you see someone leaving a animals in our streets. But we must to something and not stay silent. PLEASE.

Bruno was a Rottweiler dog who never had any luck like each of our babies (PETS). He was left alone to died of hunger, or kill by a car or kill for amusement. Last month  Bruno was then rescue by a family who only could have kept him for a month. We all know how difficult it is to find a home for a dog especially for a 3 year old Rottweiler. People are just afraid and are now learning to do a breed rescue or even fostering for any cats or dogs. Bruno on Tuesday was taking to San Juan Animals Shelter and after the family said their goodbyes he was put down right away. When we found out Tuesday night we call and even went in person to find out that Bruno wasn't their.
What happen to poor Bruno. We all know that  the Government is accostume here in Puerto Rico is to just killed and Killed. They don't care if maybe Bruno family could have been looking for him, NO just killed. Poor Bruno died without even being love or having a family call his own. For a SIMPLE EYE MEDICATION

I beg to you all please don't permit this to continual and stand up for all the animals here in Puerto Rico. They don't care but we do care and tell our government that we want  for those abuser to pay for their crime and don't get away from murder and for the law to be respectted. No more abuse and NO more animals thrown over bridges, run over by a car, killed directly at local shelter and for the cops to do their jobs. 

Let Not forget and REMEMBER what happen 2 years ago October 11 when the whole world found out that 80 dogs and cats was threwn over the bridge and no justice was down like always. We need your help and say no more abuse and we want justice................
Negotiation is over
With the Government,
Say NO to Puerto Rico
we want them to listen and help
  • The government of Puerto Rico has  to ensure that Animal Protection Laws are followed in their Island

    Today I found out that the reason BRUNO and many dogs and cats are put down in San Juan Animal Shelter is because they don't want to spend on any medication. 
    Bruno just had a little eye infection which would have cost them not even $5.00 dollars.

  • Dogs are people's companions and helpers, not livestock for meat.
  • Monkey farms should not be aloud in our Island
  • Puppy mills should be made illegal.
  • Selling dog in underneath bridges and flea market has to be banned and be charge

         You can help us change the life of millions of dogs here in Puerto Rico. Help me HELP then!

  • Animal torture should remain illegal in all forms and in all countries.
  • Animal abuse and neglect should NOT be permitted.
  • Law 154 should be respected and enforced.
  • Those that killed should be behind bars, not walking free in our streets.
  • We need the COPS to enforce and do their jobs.

Sign my petition if you care about the animals situation in Puerto Rico.

Killing is not the SOLUTION, MASSIVE Spay and Neutering is.

Learn to Recognize Animal Cruelty.

Report Animal Cruelty.

Set a Good Example for Others.

Fight for the Passage of Anti-Cruelty Laws by Joining the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade.

Sign today and you will save a life 
I undersigned is asking for your time and help to make a differents with the life's of all the animals in our Island. As an animal activist I am so a shame to say that our government doesn't  care for the welfare of the animals. I also understand that time are so difficult and people are loosing their jobs but it doesn't excuse for all the abuse and neglect that we are all face with. SHAME ON THEM.
 I know that lots of people want to help and are doing everything in their power to save the lifes of many animals but what I do not understand why spend the money in these government shelter which the only thing they do is kill.  We do need shelter but a humane shelter.
Please help me pass the word, Tell Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuno to help animals situation here in our Island.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
Alma Febus
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