racism in getting dental treatment or assistance thru orsca

i was told by king i needed implants ,due to bone loss in my mouth ,the doctor scared me when he told me how bad it was.due to me having weight loss surgery i was choking on my food and having a shocking sensation in my right lip.the lap band was removed for me choking on my food.

i was told my case was special and had to be approved by the county of los angeles because it was a lot to be done.i was given a great young doctor a female who worked with me until  she graduated in may of 2011.  she had called me personally to come in and wanted to do my implants before graduation.but things started to change ,my phone number was taken out of the system ,everytime i went in my impressions and paperwork could not be found,this went on for a year ,and i started to get different reasons why they could not find my phone number or paperwork ,i called and begged the doctor to get me in by september 2011 i was choking on my food ,he keep telling he was waiting on my abutments to come in from the county not knowing that my first doctor had already showed them to me and told me she was ready all i neede was the cat scan and i was good to go.the last day she was there she told me that she had been calling me ,but i never recieved any calls ,upon getting the cat scan ,the nurse asked me if the number for me was right i looked and found a number that was not mine.

once i complained about my orsca being expired ,on 9/2012 and my paperwork constanly being lost they approved it for another year until 9/2013,but i reported this to my scity councilmen office to no avail ,and no apology and have not gotten an appiontment or phone call since my last visit 10/23/12,and my orsca expires on 9/2013.but other races are getting preference over blacks i had to qualify bring in a birth certificate and proof of income,other races get it on the spot no qualification needed ,i paytaxes ,worked in this country and need this to masticate my food properly and my own brothers and sisters ,will side with others and not help me.i m on disabilty and assistance ,and the people like me who have paid dues are the ones who are pushed back for people who never worked or paid taxes get the bounty.

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