An Open Letter to the Republican Establishment, and the Media

An Open Letter to the Republican Establishment - We do not like having the elites and the media decide for us who the Republican nominee will be. Some of us out here do not approve on Mitt Romney.

To Those of you whom this issue concerns, 

We the Conservative Voters of America, in order to elect a true conservative as our next President, must stand united at this time in protest of the Republican elite establishment and it’s agenda for forcing upon us a candidate we do not support. 

We have all seen and heard the propaganda being perpetrated by you in order to boost Mitt Romney to the Republican Nomination, this is against our wishes, as we prefer a true conservative candidate to receive the party nomination. 

Recent history reminds us of the last Presidential race and how we were duped by the establishment to vote for Senator McCain who ran a very disappointing, weak campaign, and lost miserably to the Democrats, giving Barrack H. Obama the Presidency.

Had it not been for Sarah Palin on that ticket it would have been a landslide defeat. Throughout the campaign, it was a recipe for disaster and Sarah Palins strengths were hindered! Will Mitt Romney also become his worst enemy now having received the endorsement from John McCain?

We have already endured 3 long years of the Obama administration, awaiting the day we would have the chance to oust him from office, along with his whole regime. That time is soon approaching, and we have no intention of supporting a candidate who is a moderate, or has liberal inclinations, as does Mitt Romney.

The establishment needs to look no further then the mirror as to why America's greatest strengths have been shelved, all in favor of the moderate simply because the GOP has veered off course from it's own previously held conservative platform.

Even more concerning, is that if Ron Paul is given delegates simply by fiat, and this alone will lead to his having a voice at the convention, let alone the possibility of a brokered convention, then it will lead to a weakened unrecognizable platform which will no longer be supported by traditional mainstream America!

As Ronald Reagan once stated, "I did not leave the Democrat party, they left me" Please don't let the same thing happen to the GOP! Because we all know what a third party will do to the GOP! If the establishment GOP continues in the course charted before us, this is exactly where it will lead, let there be little doubt!

We would suggest that the party elite change directions quickly, and give the people what they are demanding, a true conservative candidate for President of the United States of America. If we were to go along with your elite establishment candidate, we would surely lose this election again as we did in the last election. Don't blame the customers sitting at the table, but rather blame the cooks preparing the menu!

We would like to take a moment to reiterate the point of this letter. It is to put the Republican Establishment on notice that we are NOT going to be fooled once again into voting for your elite candidate. We are going to vote for a candidate that represents the peoples interests, not the political establishments, or the media's choice. Sadly, the division between the two have become blurred.

We are putting you on notice to STOP pushing Romney on us at once! 

In closing,Since the GOP establishment has chosen a self funded moderate liberal in place of a true conservative valued candidate, then you certainly don't need our money to fund the GOP. Furthermore, since it appears you've already made your decision, then the only question remaining is, can America live with your decision?


We the people, the conservative voters of America, the undersigned.

We are sick and tired of being told who to vote for, and being manipulated by the elite establishment from behind closed doors. The time has come for conservative voters to rise up and say 'NO MORE!' 

Sign our petition today to tell the Republican Elite, and the Media 'NO MORE!'

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