Help OR gray wolves from being delisted from endangered species list

  • by: Kae Flack
  • recipient: Senator Merkley, Oregon state representatives and Oregon Fish and Wildlife

Please see this

Even if OR has only 79 wolves left, OR Wildlife are considering delisting OR wolves from Endangered Species List after being pressured by ranchers, soon next month, or October 2015.

We need your help and please spread the word to as many people as possible to sign the petition. OR-7 the wolf that made international news will be included with his family. They will face horrendous deaths if delisted. 

I will contact OR Wildlife and others if enough people sign this petition so please help .

Senator Jeff Merkley can be contacted at (202) 224-3753 and state representative Peter DeFazio (202) 225-6416 or any other state representatives to take this matter to Congress and/or Delisting is premature. Please tell them to keep voting NO to delist. 

State wildlife biologists expected to recommend on 11/9/15 although countered by conservationist a) Removing or loosening endangered species act statewide b) making changes to remove east OR wolves (where most live) c) making no changes. Concerns of political influence on Fish & Wildlife scientists were made. Please continue to sign this petition for the OR wolves' lives are at stake! They could all die like they did in some states already. Your grand or great grand kids will no longer know first hand of the beauty of these beasts.

Update #54 years ago
Tremendous pressure from ranchers are causing Wildlife Commission to consider in Oct whether the 79 wolves should remain listed as endangered in OR or not. Many wolves are living without causing any harm to livestock.In fact they help restore the ecosystem. See this:
Pls spread the word to all your friends, relatives, etc.or, they could face terrible deaths like slow deaths, etc. OR-7 and family could die too. So please help!
Update #44 years ago
Recently a strange bill was approved on wolves. If a hunter kills a wolf although they are still protected but claims he thought it was a coyote, he is not charged. However, penalties can be maximum if authorities find otherwise. Wolves are much larger with rounder ears and snouts and with larger feet. Hunters should recognize the difference.
Update #34 years ago
The authorities are talking about delisting even as soon as this September. This means they could be waiting for the furs to grow beautiful to kill them in the winter for export to the rich countries. Do not wait but please continue to call congressmen and your senators to not delist the gray wolves. Their fate is in your representatives' hands.
Update #24 years ago
Program Coordinator Russ Morgan said "the state probably has 90 to 100 wolves now; 77 is the documented number." But this is his opinion. Anti-wolf people are now campaigning hard to get wolves delisted. People, we must try harder to keep them on the list.
Update #14 years ago

OR Fish and Wildlife will possibly remove gray wolf from Oregon's endangered list. US Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-WA introduced a bill to remove federal Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in WA, OR and UT.
Ask OR object to a WA Rep. overstepping into OR and UT with his bill. Please call your state reps so OR wolves won't be delisted. There are only about 78 wolves in OR alone and their attack on live stock is low. Don't let their fur turn to pelt!
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