John Lewis stop selling goose down products UPDATE please see update. Signatures no longer needed

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What is goose down?
Goose down is the softest layer of feathers closest to they skin.
How do they obtain goose down?
Although some is obtained from geese once they have been killed for another purpose, often the production of foie gras, much down is harvested from live animals
Live geese are held upside down with their necks between worker knees while handful of feathers are pulled off. As you can imagine, this is extremely painful and cruel causing terror, bloody wounds, broken bones, and some times even death.
John Lewis is regarded as a respected retailer, we all feel we can trust them. But can we if they allow goods containing goose down to be sold in their shops? Please tell them this is unacceptable and that we are shocked to find that the company we thought we could always trust, has let us down.

Dear John Lewis,  Over the many years you have been in operation you have become a respected institution. We have come to trust you and like you. Yet now we find that you sell a product that may well require an animal to be treated with great cruelty. Your buyers may not be aware of this, so we are, very respectfully, giving you the opportunity to withdraw all products containing goose down. We ask you to see the video

and consider what effect seeing this would have on your regular customers. We certainly don't want to create this effect. So please, please withdraw all goose down product immediately. Many thanks

Update #14 years ago
Good News. An email has been received from John Lewis. Their Goose Down products are sourced "all of them a by-product of the food chain". They "do not purchase any live plucked goose down". We can buy with confidence. Well done John Lewis.
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