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NBA 2k creators  , as a fan of NBA 2k we are completely unsatisfied with the last couple of 2k series . The best 2k was the NBA 2k17 as a fan of the game yes it was flawed , but no game is perfect. It is so many pro to this game that it outweighs the cons . As a fan of 2K I think if you all were to update the rosters and reconnect the server you would see many people who have stopped playing come back. And many 2k20 players leave and start playing 2k17 again . I propose that as a fan of 2k17 I would be willing to pay to have the servers reconnected and rosters updated . Only if you try it for a month please give it some thought and make true NBA 2k fans happy again . #Make2kFansHappyAgain

Please bring the NBA 2K17 Servers back online!

I think we can all agree that 2k17 was one of the greats, many would classify is as the greatest of all time! There's days we can all remember coming home from school after a long day, and running 2s or 3s w/ the boys and have nothing but a great time. Yes, this game had its issues- like the loading screen for example, we can spot Paul George in a crowd better than we could spot our own mother... but that's ok! This game to many was nothing short of perfection! There's a lot of us who think that the servers for this game were shut down far too soon, this community had so much life before the plug was full, at some points there were more people playing this game than 2k18!!! We're not asking for you to re release this game or anything like that, we're just asking to have the server's back online. We miss these good ol' days, back when times were simpler, back when it was actually fun and not a full sweat match when you linked up with ya boys online. There's such a strong community- just give it a chance. How about we settle? If you bring the servers back online, FOR JUST 2 WEEKS, and see just how strong the community was...would you please consider to have it stay up full time. We realize it costs money to keep these servers online, but for how much VC is and how much Troydan spends on your game alone-this should be able cover everything for the foreseeable future. There are just so many of us who wish to play this game still, it was just that great. Out the kindness of your heart, don't think about your wallets, but think about your loyal community



Even if we just have a 2 week grace period that would be amazing.



Please sign this petition, so we can play a genuine good game again. Make 2k great again. 


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