STOP EUROVEGAS in Barcelona, Madrid or anywhere in Europe

STOP EUROVEGAS in Barcelona, Madrid or anywhere in Europe - SAVE the LLOBREGAT DELTA!

The Catalan government is negotiating with the North American multimillionaire Sheldon Adelson (Las Vegas Sands Co.) to construct a gambling and leisure macro complex called Eurovegas in the area of Barcelona, in the heart of the Llobregat Delta.

More than 100 entities manifest their opposition towards this project on the following grounds:

-          Eurovegas is a model of economic growth based on real-estate and financial speculation which is one of the main causes for Spain´s economic crisis.

-          Eurovegas` main business will be based on gambling and not providing for congresses or  alike as the Catalan government is telling the citizens. The Annual Report 2010 of Las Vegas Sands Co. show that 75% of the revenues stem from the casinos whereas the revenues from hotels, conventions and other do not reach 25%.

-          The business of gambling and leisure activities will only benefit this multinational and not the local territory and businesses. The State of Nevada , where Las Vegas is based, is the first in terms of unemployment and third in terms of violent crime in the USA.

-          There is a potential risk of corruption, mafias, drugs, prostitution and gambling addiction.

-          It is more than doubtful that Eurovegas might generate 260.000 working places as promised. According to the Annual Report 2010 of Las Vegas Sands Co. only 36.000 people are employed worldwide in their four mega complexes. It is deplorable the way the desperation of the unemployed in Spain is being exploited.

-          The location of Eurovegas in the Llobregat Delta would infringe on the territorial and urban planning legislation.

-          This macro complex would generate considerable conservation impacts on all natural areas protected by the Catalan, Spanish and European legislation.

-          With climate change and its incurring droughts it would be irresponsible to construct such a huge sweet water consumer (golf courses, hotels …) which would directly impact on the aquifer below the Llobregat Delta. This aquifer constitutes one of the most significant sweet water reservoirs in Catalonia.

-          This type of facilities consumes huge amounts of energy.

-          Eurovegas would be constructed in the heart of the Parc Agrari, the farmland area within the Llobregat Delta. This farmland represents one of the most fertile farmland in the Mediterranean guaranteeing the food sovereignty for the citizens.

-          The secret negotiations held by the Catalonian government with this enterprise suppose an unworthy attitude of a democratic government.  It is being undertaken behind the backs of the citizens without truthful and proven information.

-          Satisfying the legal modifications à la carte which are demanded by this multimillionaire, would be improper of a democratic state submitting itself to the interests of a multinational company. The fiscal and NHS exemptions demanded by the company would represent an insult to the thousands of local SMEs which contribute to the existence of the majority of the work places.

The submitting entities consider Eurovegas an unsustainable project, clearly opposed to a socio-economic model which should satisfy the social needs of work, public service and well-being as well as the preservation of the territory for future generations. We oppose an economy based on speculation and endorse an ecologically and economically productive sustainable economy in the long term.


STOP EUROVEGAS in Barcelona, Madrid or anywhere in Europe- SAVE THE LLOBREGAT DELTA!

Catalonia, March 21, 2012

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