Demand more stringent sentencing against animal abusers.

  • by: Maria Smith
  • target: Pinetown Magistrate court and the SA Justice system

On Saturday 8 February at approximately 2pm, The Kloof and Highway SPCA received a call on the after hours emergency number from a very distressed member of the public. The man explained that he had just witnessed his neighbour beating his dog.  The inspector immediately raced to the property in Kwadabeka. He was too late…She had been beaten to death with a wooden pole and buried in a shallow grave.  The inspector recovered the body of the female dog. She was approximately a year old.  The individual responsible for brutally killing this helpless animal gave no reason for committing this crime – except to say that he was under the influence of alcohol.  A case has been opened and the accused will be prosecuted in terms of the Animals Protection Act - we are hopeful that justice will be served. The accused was arrested today, 11th February 2014 by the Kwadabeka police. 

We are saddened to report that our justice system has failed the honor of the dog beaten to death at Kwadabeka at the weekend. The accused appeared in the Pinetown Magistrates Court yesterday and pleaded guilty. The Magistrate cautioned the accused and he was discharged immediately.

Our justice system has completely and utterly failed this dog and others that have and will suffer the same fate. What kind of message does this send out to the community? The Animals Protection Act is legislation put together for the voiceless, but it is failing dismally.  If this man can be released for such brutality to animals will he even be concerned about doing the very same to a child?  It also sends a message to others out there that it is nothing to kill or hurt an animal, you just get a little warning.  Even if the magistrate is not an animal lover, for goodness sake, do your job and let justice be done!

Update #23 years ago
Hi all, this is my last push to try and get to 1000 signatures for a very worthy cause, please don't let this little girl have died for nothing. Please help me to get more signatures and many thanks for caring and signing my petition.
Update #13 years ago
Thank you to everyone who signed my petition to get magistrates and lawyers to give harsher sentences to animal abusers. It looks like this is a worldwide problem, not just here in South Africa. So many people think it's ok to beat animals, even to death. These little creatures have feelings and feel extreme pain, just as we do and even if someone is not an animal lover, surely they must be humane.
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