Man In Orange Ca. Kills 12 Week Old Puppy

If your an animal lover please sign this petition demanding Justice for Chompers who was a 12 week old  chihuahua puppy beaten to death by my friends boyfriend.



On 8/02/2012 I posted a letter that explained what I saw after arriving at my friends house after

she and I had went shopping. Chomper who was a 12 week old Chihuahua puppy was laying in the dirt in her back yard barely alive. Forty five minutes before that he was playing with Cindy and I. Jumping from the couch to the floor, running back and forth from bedroom back to us in the living room. Chomper was healthy and playful as any 12 week old puppy would be. How in just 45 minutes could he lay barely alive in the dirt?

Since this incident I have spoke with several people, three of these people saw this man abuse Chomper on two different occasions. One incident was while riding in the car, he took Chomper who was on a leash and literally threw him over his shoulder and into the back seat. He then pulled on the leash pulling Chomper by the neck into the air back into the front seat. There he sat with Chomper in between his legs where he tormented the puppy until they arrived at my daughters house. The second incident was at his and Cindy's home. Once again Chomper had an accident on the floor, this man was going off on Chomper so bad he had to be stopped by a visitor who was their. The man told the guy, “Hey lighten up he's just a puppy”, this was also witnessed by my grand daughter. If this FOOL would do this in front of other adults and children, I can only visualize what he did to him alone before killing him.

I have spoke to several animal abuse activist, other authorities and a veterinarian who listened to our story and said: “What did he do to him”? We told her that this guy was saying Chomper died of

parvovirus. I will guarantee you that if he was dying of this virus Chomper would NOT have been playing with Cindy and I 45 minutes before he died.

When this person refused to give us Chompers so I could take him to the Human Society where they would do an autopsy, he refused. Then Cindy said: oh he already took him to the vet. Because Chomper belonged to Cindy's daughter I called her. She told me that she picked Cindy and her boyfriend up and took Chompers to a vet at the Human Society. I said: really? Where did you take them? She said Huntington Beach. So I called Huntington Beach Human Society and asked the lady if a puppy was brought in severely ill and if the vet there diagnosed him with having Parvovirus. She said absolutely not. They do not take sick or injured animals. What doesn't fit is the daughter drove from Oceanside to Cindy's in Orange, to Huntington Beach and back to Oceanside in two hours and this was during rush hour traffic. All I can say is she's a fast driver. I don't blame the daughter because she's young and easily influenced, and who wouldn't believe their mother?

My daughter and two of my friends went to Cindy's this morning to pick up my daughters laptop and the boyfriend answered the door. Of course he was rude because that's the type of person he is. What is unbelievable is that they now have another puppy. I am making an appointment to speak to the District Attorney about this so keep your fingers crossed they will help.

I will keep you posted on further progress on this issue. Thanks to all of you for your support and feel free to contact me anytime.


Linda Tillotson      

Dear Animal Lovers,

On 08/01/2012 I went to my friends to pick her up to go shopping. Several weeks ago her daughter brought her a 6 week old Chihuahua puppy and asked if she could take care of him as she couldn't have him at her new apartment. The puppies name was Chompers. While visiting her Chompers was running around playing with us, jumping up and down from the couch to us. He was being such a ham. Cindy and I left and returned approx. 45 min. to an hour. As we entered her house we noted her boyfriend of 2 months in the back yard. He looked up and saw us and quickly came inside. I noted at this time that sweat was pouring off his forehead and he was VERY angry. At this time he told us, and these are his exact words, “ He shit in the bedroom , I rubbed his face in it and put him outside”. At that time I became suspicious and told Cindy we should check the puppy. Approx. 10 minutes later I said: Cindy I have to go so let's check the puppy. We got up went outside and to my horror we saw Chompers laying in the dirt. Cindy rushed to pick him up and the little guy was looking at us with eyes that seemed to say, help me. At that time he couldn't hold his head up or stand. I told Cindy, oh my God what did he do to him, he's going to die, we got to get him to a vet. We brought him into the house and while Cindy sat holding him he started vomiting. By then I was crying and Cindy was holding Chompers just sobbing. I said to her, (his name) did this and I can not stay in here, I' have to go, please take him to the vet. I almost ran out the door. In the car I was crying so hard I had to pull over to the side of the road and that's when I called my daughter. I asked her to please call and check on the puppy and Cindy I explained what had happened. My daughter contacted several other people but no one could get a hold of Cindy. Finally about 2:00 pm Cindy called my daughter, who was at my house. By listening to the conversation I could tell that this guy was trying to tell everyone that the puppy died of Parvo. I grabbed the phone and asked Cindy how Chomper was. She said he was lethargic and bleeding rectally. I'm not a veterinarian but I am a nurse and I told her, he's bleeding internally he's going to die if you don't get help. She had no money and by experience I know how high priced vets are. I told my daughter to take my car and go over to Cindy's. I wanted her to get the puppy so we could take him to our veterinarian. When she and her friend arrived at Cindy's the guy (her boyfriend) refused to let them see or take Chompers, in fact he told my daughters friend to get out of his house. He tried to convince my daughter that Chompers had Parvo, my daughter told him, “parvo doesn't kill a puppy in 45 minutes. She then told Cindy, I gotta get out of here. She called me when she got home and was very upset. It is now 3:45 am, I woke up thinking about Chomper and his little eyes staring back at me. This is when I made my decision that if Cindy wasn't going to do anything about this I WAS!!!

At this time I am asking for any help you can give me to bring justice for Chomper. Please feel free to contact me day or night.


Linda J. Tillotson

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