Petition Campaign to Recognize the Phrase “Pet Overpopulation”

Each year millions of dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, are killed in shelters and on the streets due to a lack of responsible homes. Because ISAR recognizes the impact of pet overpopulation we vigorously promote the spaying and neutering of companion animals to dramatically reduce the rate of pet overpopulation and possibly, one day, even eliminate it. ISAR is hard at work spreading the spay/neuter message as a solution to the nation’s dog and cat overpopulation crisis. Our overpopulation programs include International Homeless Animals’ Day, Mandatory spay/neuter laws, Tax deduction laws, Adoption sterilization laws, Departments of Animal Affairs laws, Mandatory dog and cat Identification laws, Billboards, Postage stamps, Video library, Retail sales of dogs and cats, and Abandonment of dogs and cats.

These programs are devoted to ending indiscriminate breeding that leads to the killing of millions of healthy, but homeless, animals each year in the United States. It is ISAR’s objective to educate others about the problems that pet overpopulation precipitates. One way we hope to increase the awareness of pet overpopulation is by having the phrase signifying that phenomenon added as an entry in American dictionaries and similar language research resources.

Because pet overpopulation is such a serious problem today, ISAR believes that phrase is undeniably worthy of becoming an entry in dictionaries and similar language research resources. A word finds its way into those resources by the number of times it is used. The educational value of having the term “pet overpopulation” appear would be a tremendous accomplishment. Making “pet overpopulation” a language research resource defining the millions of unwanted companion animals would raise the researcher’s consciousness about this immoral plague.

It is important to use the phrase “pet overpopulation” on a consistent basis to ensure its circulation throughout the English language. The more it is used, the better chance it has at becoming a language research resource. That use of “pet overpopulation” would serve as an important tool for educating people about this terrible problem. We need to utilize every avenue to educate men, women and children about the issue of pet overpopulation and the necessity to spay and neuter to end the needless killing.

In addition to signing ISAR’s Petition to Recognize the Phrase “Pet Overpopulation,” ISAR encourages its supporters to send us photocopies of the word “pet overpopulation” as it is used in publications. We will forward them to the appropriate language research resources as evidence of how often the phrase is used today.

The phrase can be submitted from printed media such as books, newspapers, magazines, song lyrics, etc… Please include where the phrase appeared.

You can submit by regular mail all examples to ISAR, P.O. Box F, Clarks Summit, PA 18411, or you may send them by fax to ISAR at (570) 586-9580, or email at

Together with the many examples of how and where the phrase “pet overpopulation” is used, ISAR hopes to submit thousands of signatures supporting our campaign.

WHEREAS, the problem of dog and cat overpopulation is widespread throughout the United States, and

WHEREAS, the phrase “pet overpopulation” is in common usage, and

WHEREAS, that phrase is commonly understood to mean that there are far more dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, than available homes for them, and

WHEREAS, a consequence of such overpopulation is the destruction and other death of millions of those animals each year, and

WHEREAS, even though the phrase “pet overpopulation” thus describes a contemporary social problem of huge proportions, no standard American language research resource contains that phrase, and

WHEREAS, incorporation of the phrase “pet overpopulation,” to be defined as the editors see fit, in standard American language resources would, among other benefits, facilitate research, bestow status on the phenomenon of pet overpopulation, and raise the consciousness of users of such resources,

NOW, THEREFORE, we the undersigned, hereby petition the recipients of this Petition to incorporate and appropriately define the phrase pet overpopulation in their next edition.

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