Freedom from retirement packages and travel allowances by state office freedom

    My fellow Kenyans, looking at the way things are, our country is not going in the right direction. It is so sad that the common citizen in Kenya spends all his/her youthful life hustling to make ends meet, having their eyes on the future so that they can retire to a relatively comfortable life. They contribute to retirement schemes or invest in income generating plans to take care of the unknown future. On the contrary, the same poor man and woman, already overburdened and overtaxed to sustain the luxurious and exorbitant lives of the state officers during their tenure in office, is also required to cushion the lives of same officers and their families after retirement. These same officers have abused their powers either to increase their salary to match their needs or have coerced the Saray commission by threatening to defund their commission if they don't dance to their greed. The same officers have made laws to allow them to spend tax money on activities that add no value to the lives of hardworking Kenyans. Some of these activities that drain our coffers in the form of alliances are: travelling locally and internationally, where honourables go for what they call benchmarking for anything from cooking tea in China, to devolution in Uganda, or anything that will warrant pushing tax money to their account. They do this just to spend money, not because there is any value to it, but because the money has been budgeted for, and a trip is needed to transfer the money from the public coffers to their pockets. Some of these officers are getting millions for sitting allowance as if they were elected to work while standing. Others take home millions in entertainment allowances as though personal entertainment is a national concern. If they cannot use their overpaid salaries to manage their lifestyle, that is not Wanjiku's business. Ironically, their employer; the wanjku, is not able to meet her basic needs, even having a decent meal in a day, but do they care? The waheshimiwa are continuously demanding more luxury from her. My simple question is, Who is supposed to live better, the employer or the employee? A good example is a president who enters the State house as a millionaire or billionaire, retires after 10 years of looting, or fixing the economy, being among the highly paid people in the country, the State builds him a house worth Ksh 500 million after retirement as if he was homeless before coming to the office. The same President has an office with millions in yearly budget whether alive or dead, until Jesus returns. Now our county bosses and MCA's are demanding the same treatment. Very soon we will have more recipients of taxpayer money than the payers. This is, and will not be practical in a poor country like Kenya. It is totally untenable because, PUNDA AMECHOKA
    Please sign this petition to change these colonial, and draconian laws about our State officer's allowances.
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