Ban Fur From Cork Markets

As a street trader myself I understand that we all need a good product to sell. It's not the easiest way to make a living. But as an animal lover I am also too well aware of the horror of the Chinese fur trade. Campaigners in China go to dangerous lengths to expose the horrors of the fur industry where dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals, sometimes bred for the purpose, sometimes stolen from their owners, are subjected to terror and pain in horrible conditions before being killed and skinned, or worse, skinned alive and thrown onto a heap of other flayed animals, to die in agony. This so that we can have a product that is entirely unnecessary to our existence, such as these fluffy bobbles on hats; a product that can be easily substituted, if we feel the need for furry accessories, by realistic acrylic substitutes.
This is why I was appalled to see fur from China being sold on a Cork City Council licensed Market at the Cork Jazz Festival. An event such as the Jazz Festival which represents our wonderful, groovy city should have ethical standards and not allow its traders to sell any product they want, no matter how unethical.
We are asking the City Council to please ask this trader in particular to find an alternative product to sell, one that does not involve the gruesome deaths of so many of our beloved companion animals and ensure that there is some ethical standard in the nature of products sold on its city council endorsed markets.


It has come to our attention that fur from Chinese farms was sold at the Cork Jazz Festival market at Emmet Place. We are appalled that this is happening in our great city and strongly feel that the products sold on these markets should not include unethical items such as these. I'm sure the council would not endorse the sale of items made of elephant ivory or made using child labour, so neither should the selling of fur be permitted, particularly Chinese fur.

We are calling upon Cork City Council to ban the sale of all fur at its markets, particularly that obtained from China where the unregulated fur industry is horrificly cruel. Animals such as domestic cats and dogs, rabbits and raccoon dogs are kept in appalling conditions and subjected to unthinkable cruelty before being skinned, often alive and left to die a slow agonising death.

We urge the council to look into this matter and ensure that products sold on City Council Markets, reflect the ethical standards that we expect in our city.

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