Punish Owners of Hampshire Area Farm; Animals found dead, emaciated and in Poor Health!

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: Kane County Sheriff’s Office and Judicial System

Please sign and share to get the owners of a Hampshire animal farm and mini-petty zoo severely punished for the neglect and cruelty of their animals. Animal control and officers were in need of more than 100 volunteers that could help to relocate the large animals on the farm.

The Kane County Animal Control workers have been monitoring a Hampshire Farm that was typically used as a mini-petting zoo for quite some time due to complaints and the owner’s lack of living up to regulations. However, officers were able to obtain a search warrant just earlier this month and appalled about the conditions of the animals. Stacy and Sandra Fiebelkorn are listed as the owners of the petting zoo located on Route 20 in Hampshire, Illinois.

Tips came in about dead horses and other animals on the property and the investigation began. Not only the horse but a nearby fetus was discovered. In fact, a total of about 11 animals were discovered deceased among the numerous chickens, miniature horses, llamas, alpacas, donkeys, goats, rabbits and more. There were reportedly more than 94 animals on the farm. Authorities called in a veterinarian to examine all the animals on the property and examinations determined that many of them were in ill and poor conditions.

Officials of the Kane County Sheriff’s office and animal control broke down after discovering the deplorable conditions of the animals, left without property shelter, food and water. Sheriff’s Lt. Patrick Gengler said water containers were frozen solid, and horses were eating severely molded hay that was sitting on horse feces. These owners were given several chances prior to the removal of the animals to make things right in the care of the animals and conditions of the farm, which did not happen. One of the investigators reported that he has not seen such a horrible case as this before. Supposedly it was a lack of funds that led to the cruelty and neglect! There are options other than starving the animals not providing them the care they require!

The women were arrested and one of them already posted bail, free to go! Since then, the county has been bringing in fresh hay, food and heaters for the water containers while figuring out how they would remove the animals from the property and their inhumane conditions. As a result of the new nourishment, the animals are beginning to bounce back from their starving conditions. They were looking for and received at least 100 volunteers to transfer them to facilities where they can be restored to health and eventually adopted. Please sign and share to get the owners of a Hampshire animal farm and mini-petty zoo severely punished for the neglect and cruelty of their animals.


Kane County Sheriff’s Office and Judicial System – Both Stacy and Sandra Fiebelkorn need to be held accountable for their inhumane care of the animals they claim to have owned and loved. There is no excuse for keeping more than 90 animals on the property with moldy hay, no food, frozen water, inappropriate shelter from the elements, especially with the freezing weather we have had and allowing 11 animals to die and just remain on the property like old trash!!!! Each woman should be slapped with a felony count for each and every animal found dead, sick and starving and never be allowed to ever own or be near another animal for the rest of their lives!!

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