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Since there is no "written formula" for how many signatures are needed to bring a Disney Channel TV show back, Disney executives have requested that this petition receives as many signatures as possible and this cause is supported enough to prove this show's high popularity. >Facebook Page that supports this cause called: "Kim Possible Petition (official)." 

It has been confirmed with the creators of Kim Possible, that they have agreed they would like to work on this show again alongside with the other workers, animators, etc. of Kim Possible.  It is understood that there are other factors for bringing a TV show back, but popularity is a major factor and is the first step in initiating the process of renewing a TV series. Without this factor of popularity, there is no chance for a series to be renewed.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION and bring some magic back to Disney.
Kim Possible is an amazing and high quality show that teaches kids they can do anything they set their mind to, to have courage to do what seems impossible, to be a hero, and the importance of friendship, like the friendship of Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible.  In addition, it has characters that everyone at any age can enjoy and relate to.  

This show is filled with laugh-out-loud jokes and a unique blend of humor and adventure that makes the show appealing to watch.  Many people have learned to appreciate cartoons more and look at the artistic side of them because of this show.  Kim Possible is an inspiration to everyone, especially fans. 

The majority of the Disney Channel viewers would agree that the current shows do not include as many morals as the previous shows had.  Kim Possible is a one-of-a-kind TV show that includes morals in each episode. This show deserves to return to Disney Channel, so it can teach children the morals that were taught to Kim Possible fans around the globe. 
There are countless fan made videos of Kim Possible all over YouTube with thousands to millions of views each. That fact further proves this show's high popularity.  As well, there are dozens of websites and pages dedicated to bringing back Kim Possible to Disney Channel.  Some of these websites include SaveDisneyShows.org, GlobalJusticeAlliance.com, RonStoppable.net, etc.

Ponder this quote by Mr. Walt Disney: "You don't build it for yourself.  You know what the people want and you build it for them."  The "people" (audiences) want Kim Possible on air with new seasons and reruns.  
If this show were to come back on air, the profit made by this show would be extraordinarily high based on the amount of popularity.   

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Dear Disney executives and all other Disney officials, we, the fans of Kim Possible,  

      Believe that Kim Possible show should be brought back to Disney Channel with new seasons/episodes. It has been confirmed that Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, creators of Kim Possible, have agreed that they would like to work on this show again. If there is doubt of that information, the Disney Company may confirm it by asking Mr. McCorkle and Mr. Schooley. 
     Kim Possible is such an amazing show with a great storyline and memorable characters that everyone can enjoy and relate to.  Thousands of people from a variety of countries desire to see this show aired again with new exciting episodes and seasons.  
      Kim Possible teaches kids they can do anything they set their mind to, to have courage to do what seems impossible, to be a hero, and the importance of friendship, like the friendship of Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible.
      Many TV shows from the past are being renewed by TV networks, such as shows like Toonami.  This is building audiences in those TV networks, like Nickelodeon that now has the channel TeenNick.  For some reason, Disney Channel seems to be the only TV network that does not renew any of its series at this current time or have a channel that plays TV shows from the past at times like 9:00 pm instead of one episode at 2:00 am.  
      Some things the Disney Company should consider about this show's high popularity is that the official Facebook page for Kim Possible made by Disney has made the accomplishment of over 500,000 'likes' in only 6 months! 
     Furthermore, the DVD, Kim Possible: So the Drama, sold extremely well and received multiple Emmy nominations and an Emmy win for Best Sound.  Likewise, there are countless fan made videos of Kim Possible all over YouTube with thousands to millions of views each. That further proves this show's high popularity. In addition, there are dozens of websites and pages dedicated to bringing back Kim Possible to Disney Channel. Some of these websites include SaveDisneyShows.org, GlobalJusticeAlliance.com, RonStoppable.net, etc.
      We, the fans of Kim Possible, ask that you consider our suggestions of bringing back this series and playing reruns.  The evidence of these thousands of signatures and facts listed above indicate that the fans of this TV show have not dwindled, but have remained or even grew years after the show's ending.  That fact alone proves how popular and amazing this show really is.


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