#METOO Church Too!

The way to stop child abuse in the church is to change the hierarchy of the church. Change it or abolish it. 

Make celibacy optional. No vow to live in simplicity or poverty should be required. Let members of the priesthood have some freedom in their lives. Let women be priests too! Form a democracy! 

To begin with, the church would be better off if priests, bishops and the cardinals could get married and have a family. Celibacy doesn't work. It is already proven that less than 50% of priests and bishops practice celibacy today and less than 10% practice it in a LIFETIME. Priests would better be able to help counsel other couples if they were married and they'd do a better job if they could get married. We'd have more priests if in fact celibacy was optional. Look no further than the Eastern Orthodox Church, they're doing better than us. What's more important, celibacy or the eucharist?

Additionally, to live in simplicity or poverty also shall be optional as well. If priests want to have a second income, let them have it. If they want to have a dog, let them have it. If they want to invest in stocks or own a house to rent to someone, let them have it. If there's ever a priest who doesn't seem fully committed to their job, get rid of them. Everything on Earth was created by God and so many gifts are here with us. The priesthood should not restrict anyone from any gift from God.

Bottom line: if a priest doesn't do their job, just get rid of them. There are always going to be priests that have to be kicked out anyway, and worse, the only members who get kicked out are whistleblowers who report abuse. With more freedom, there would be less abuse in the church.

The abuse crisis is going on, because too many abusers who are mentally ill have taken over the church and are only letting predators be exempt from the celibacy requirement. The priesthood is outdated.

Another reason why the popes and cardinals support the celibacy requirement is because it's all about money. For them, it's cheaper to let seminarians, priests and bishops to get away with all this abuse. But because of all the abuse, that is one major reason people are leaving the church. If we had more Catholics, we'd have more support to help priests, bishops and cardinals who are married or not.

More importantly, members of the priesthood will not admit any of this. They know that if they admit to any of this, they'll get kicked out of the priesthood like whistleblowers who report abuse. They also know that if the church uncovered this abuse, the number of lawsuits filed against the church would skyrocket.

The only way to save the church is to make the policy better for those that run it, but the policies we have right now only help other abusers and those in relationships with other priests and bishops. After all, too many priests side with their boyfriends as do bishops, and cardinals. The bishops continue to act as a boy's club today. The priesthood  is not as beautiful as it should be, or to better put it, USED to be. It's sad that more and more seminarians and priests get abused by other seminarians, priests and bishops, yet the victims always get kicked out of the priesthood. You don't have to be celibate to prepare yourself for heaven. Marriage is so beautiful, in fact more so than the priesthood. Marriage is the opposite of the priesthood if you ask me, because of how much more control we have over marriage than in the priesthood.

One more important concern, let's allow women to run a mass as well. It will also help us bring more people back to the church and closer to God. There are many Catholics around the world, and if the church granted women the same rights as men in the hierarchy, that would change the entire world, because then there are more opportunities for women around the world.

One question to consider, how does it glorify the Lord to restrict us Catholics to only receiving six of the seven sacraments, which are gifts from God? Abolish the manmade policies that require vows to practice celibacy and vows to live in simplicity or poverty and that only allow men to serve as priests.

And most importantly on the other hand, we must establish a democracy in the priesthood. The priesthood is a dictatorship with so much corruption. With a democracy, we can provide true justice within our Church.

Save the church!

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