The Movie "Show Dogs" Is Sending Kids a Dangerous Message

  • by: Lacey K.
  • recipient: Show Dogs Producers
The new kids movie "Show Dogs" seems like it will be cute and fun: a police dog goes undercover at a dog show to rescue a kidnapped baby panda. That's why I was especially horrified to learn that the movie is actually sending kids a dangerous message: that they should allow people to touch their private parts. 

Please sign my petition to ask that "Show Dogs" includes a PSA before the movie and to donate part of their profits to an organization fighting child sexual abuse. 

In the movie, the main character, Max the police dog, must go "undercover" at the dog show and his human partner Frank tells him that, as part of process, he has to have his privates inspected by the judges. Max is uncomfortable with this so Frank tells him they can "practice" and Max should just go to his "zen place" to get through the fondling. 

The process being described here is called "grooming," and it's the way pedophiles lure children into repeated and increasingly abusive sexual behavior. The movie is sending the message that this is normal, OK, and necessary. 

As a mother, I keep an eye on new kids movies, and this one seemed cute! But my son will never see it because I don't want him to get the wrong message. Kids are like little sponges and the last thing I want mine to soak up is the idea that they should just go to a happy place when someone is touching their genitals. But it's not enough for me and you to not see the movie and not let our kids see the movie. We must also ensure that this movie doesn't send the wrong message to any kids!

That's why I'm asking you to please sign my petition to the producers of "Show Dogs" asking them to add a PSA clarifying this horrific detail and to donate some of their proceeds to on-the-ground groups working to combat child sexual abuse.
Update #18 months ago
Great news! Our pressure is working! The producers of the movie have decided to cut all the scenes in question. But we need to keep it up because some damage has already been done. To make up for that, we must continue to insist that proceeds from the film are donated to an organization working to combat sexual violence against children.
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