Demand the end of Targeted Individuals

    Hi! I have been a Targeted Individual for 7 years now. It consists with Gang Stalking, stakeouts, lasers at night, communication by Mental Telepathy and you have no privacy 365 days a year, 7 days a week, harassment/torture, follow you wherever you go, they leave significant items in your yard, if you ask them for something they tell you where to find it, they make your life pure hell, you try to commit suicide, if you see a psychologist or a psychiatrist they are old text book and don’t believe in this kind of targeting. They immediately say you are Schizophrenic and try to put you on a ton of meds that don’t work bc you are not Schizophrenic you are Targeted, they threaten you and the lives of your loved ones, they harass family and friends you may think of by name and then they hear communication that can’t be proven by Mental Telepathy, they play games with you to drive you crazy, if you ask them to do something they do it, if you lose something they tell you where it is, they spread rumors about you at place of work or town you live in, they tamper with your phone and computer. One day they had an entire conversation written out online that I had that day at work amongst two associates word for word, they can use voiceovers where you can hear your family or friends voices, they practice all kinds of white and black magic, you can see holograms at times, you can see white light people peeking in on windows of all of your neighbors and can actually tell if they are male or female wearing shorts or pants maybe a hat too, they can manipulate your dreams, they use scare tactics, the list goes on. You lose all of your friends and family. You lose your jobs, you lose you only shelter your car is repossessed, you lose your children through DCF lies. It’s just awful. I lost three of my girls and now DCF is involved again and they are trying to take my little girl who is three. It’s killing me inside. Do you know what it’s like to lose the bond of your child while you are being abused or attacked every day??? You stop trusting people or doctors including the system courts, etc. There is a huge community of T.I.’s on Facebook. I just read similar stories. I don’t respond of fear of perpetrators or punishment. This kind of abuse and harassment must be stopped. Not only adults are committing suicide for losing their children bc people assume you are on drugs if you share your story and sooner or later someone calls DCF on you to be investigated for several months making up all kinds of false allegations from drugs to abuse, Abandonment, and Neglect or Mental Health issues. You can still take care of a child you just stay busy and try to drown out the voice or voices of officials that communicate and ask you questions all day about every thought and it’s exhausting it just takes consistency and practice and you can get threw a checklist of things to do on a daily basis. The only time you get peace is when you sleep if they are not tampering with your mind or wake you. It took me two years as a Targeted Individual to get and receive Social Security Benefits. I just can’t believe my DCF case. I have no kidding about 4 to 5 pages of made up BS in my court records fighting for Demi. How can DCF lie about a case involving a family and a child. I am the most loving, hard working person running on low energy bc it’s exhausting to be monitored at night and all day by perpetrators. Please pray that I don’t lose my fourth child. I will be crushed all over again. Something should be done too in Hernando County, Florida about the corruption of taking children from loving, active homes. I run my house like a Preschool and we read and play games together. Demi is well socialized too bc of all of the care I give her on a daily basis. She is super smart and very coordinated for a three year old. I take her to the local YMCA each week and have play dates at my house once a week and she gets attention all day like a little adult from me and Poppy. She goes to the park once a week and we go to the local library for storytelling time on certain dates. We also do arts and crafts on a regular basis. She is so well taken care of and I am serious I cannot believe DCF is making up pages of lies with no concrete examples of anything. I cannot lose her to foster care. We must put an end to perpetrators and judges that approve this kind of harassment. President Donald Trump is aware of the problem and there is another petition you can sign, but I couldn’t find it on the particular website. So here I am. Please sign this petition to protect our rights. Right now it’s against our Constitution, Amendment Rights, and Privacy Act in every way. It’s not ok to just destroy innocent lives and families. There is something seriously wrong with the system. Please raise the awareness. If you are not a T.I., it could happen to you or a loved one. You’d be surprised to meet many T.I.’s at the Social Security Office. I never thought my life would be like this. I have been a Mother of four beautiful girls and my oldest has a Grandson I heard. Demand the end of Targeted Individuals please. If we all speak up, something must be done. I also read some information that President Donald Trump is aware of the corrupt system of ripping families apart due to false allegations and the judges can be prosecuted too. He said he is taking this situation seriously. I may just read that article from Trump to the judge due to all of the lies. And these lies stay on your record. It’s just awful. Demi couldn’t be in better hands than mine. I enjoy every minute I have with her. DCF even tried to say I smoother my daughter. I don’t smoother her I Mother her. I know when to allow her to play on her own and just wing it with supervision from a distance and I give her options, choices, praise, and Awards, and communication to discipline. She understands and speaks in sentences. She is a great child bc all of her needs are met. I cannot believe how much DCF lies. How can they do this to people. I am in $9500.00 already in legal debt fighting this case and that’s money I needed to save. I am fighting a case based on all false allegations accept that I am illegally targeted. I feel like I am being abused from all different directions. I have been in just survival mode stressed out but Ido my best to disguise my stress from Demi bc it’s an adult issue. I don’t sit around all day talking to myself. I did ask them to stop by Hyundai when I was selling cars and give a hat to Erik of their organization the next business day and they did. I got into work the next day and Erik said guess what your friends stopped by and they dropped off a hat. The hat/organization read S.O.C.O.M. When I looked up the abbreviation it was a website of Black Ops.
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