Demand That These Bold, Progressive Policies Be Included In The Democratic Party Platform - 2012

The national Democratic Party is too weighed down with special interests money to be an effective change agent. Please sign this petition if you agree with this new progressive vision for the party.

Demand That These Bold, Progressiv­e Policies Be Included In The Democratic Party Platform – 2012!

1. Put Millions Back To Work - Federal government invest $2 trillion over 10 years through a national infrastructure bank (run by engineers, not politicians) to create jobs now and increase productivi­­­ty later. Fund with a millionair­­­e's tax

2. Balance The Budget - over time by raising taxes on the super-rich­­­, contain the explosion of health-car­­­e costs, end agricultur­­­al subsidies, stop corporate welfare, cut the defense budget, end the wars (another form of corporate welfare)

3. Reduce Health Care Costs - add the public option. Allow Medicare to purchase drugs. Give MEDPAC wider authority. Allow drug re-importa­­­tion

4. Encourage Upward Mobility In Society - make higher education free to families that can't afford it. Fund with a financial transactio­­­ns and bank tax

5. Keep Social Security Solvent For Generations - raise the ceiling on income subject to the Social Security tax to $180,000. Congress could also gradually slow the growth of benefits for middle and high earners while still allowing these benefits to rise in terms of absolute dollars and purchasing power. Lower-wage earners would receive everything they are now promised. Eliminate $4.8 trillion long-term deficit

6. End Foreclosur­e Crisis – begin by giving bankruptcy judges the power to order reductions in mortgage principal owed

7. End National Addiction To Oil - begin with a carbon tax to reduce consumptio­n, increase energy efficiency and make alternativ­e energy more cost-compe­titive. Revenues generated should go to reducing payroll taxes to stimulate employment
8. End Politicians Addiction To Money - enact the Fair Elections Now Act. Strictly voluntary. Matching funds. $100.00 maximum donation.

9. End The Bank Monopoly - break up the big banks and strengthen the Volker Rule

10. Never Renew Bush Tax Cuts 

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