Free Ben Deevoy!

Ben Deevoy posted an online video during which he highlighted a recent local case of a peadophile who had 3000 abuse images of children, and was only given a suspended sentence. After just 14 views, Ben realised the video was quite angry and he took it down voluntarily. That should have been the end of the story, but it was the start of a nightmare for Ben...

Ben was arrested and charged under the Serious Crimes Act, and he was later sentenced to 16 weeks in jail, despite having apologised and despite the fact no one was ever harmed in response to the video, and there had been no official complaints received about it. Meanwhile, peadophiles walk free every day on the UK streets - and with every abuse image of a child, that means a child was harmed to make it.

That's why we say FREE BEN DEEVOY. Imprisoning him is a waste of resources, and the UK public thinks dealing with child abusers should be more of a priority. Ben is a dedicated activist and much loved by his friends & family who miss him and are losing trust in the justice system when things like this happen.

Please sign to say, FREE BEN DEEVOY and start punishing peadophiles with the full force of the law.

In the UK today, we are witnessing the seemingly lenient approach of the legal system towards some peadophiles and child sex offenders, and those who view and distribute such awful abuse images.  When Ben Deevoy spoke out, he admitted he was angry - but then so is every other right minded person in the UK today, who views child abuse as a serious, horrifying and unsafe crime.  Ben has been imprisoned on the grounds he could incite someone to do something by speaking out in a heated manner.  We believe that caging Ben is wrong, and that it is especially wrong when peadophiles are seen to be free on the streets, every day a new newspaper article informing us of this is published.  We want Ben to be free, and we also want peadophiles to be handed tougher sentences.  At Ben's appeal on 4th March 2016, we hope justice will be done and Ben Deevoy, a completely undangerous man who simply became upset about peadophiles not being locked up, is freed.  He truly regretted the angry YouTube video, and would never act so rashly again.  It seems a waste of public money to incarcerate him any longer!

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