Everyone pays for Connecticut Lamont UConn corruption

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Enumerated in  the First Amendment to US constitution,  the right of petition  is the cornerstone of our nation of, by and for the people.   The right of petition  protects  citizens' right of  requesting governments to fix a wrong policy.       

This article stops privileged class anywhere from jeopardizing the public, and holds power  everywhere to equal treatment under law.   As a privileged aristocrat,   a man (hereafter "the subject")  at  University of Connecticut (UConn)  has been staying above the law  (appendix A,B, C, D).   Connecticut (CT) Great-Assembly-appointed watchdog agencies have courageously  reviewed and/or  reported the subject to  CT Attorney  General's Office ,  under public corruption statue. 


However,  under Gov. Ned's UConn Board,   the co-conspirators (patrons)  whitewash the subject (the client) by fabricating evidence  (these processes are in Attorney  General's office and a video).   The Impunity carries the seeds of the impunity providers' destruction, if not for the impunity providers  then for their offspring.   It is unclear how many innocent victims have been bullied to suicide attempt by the subject,  because hotline method has never been invoked to search for the subject's victims.   There are at least some.  After obtaining the impunity,  the privileged class (the subject)  will prey on more vulnerable groups, and will take over Connecticut.


We demand  Gov. Ned  stop  patron–client exchanges and end impunity  before election.    Failure to prosecute perpetrators is entirely inconsistent with constitution and international standards.   Singapore's CPIB (formed on Oct 1952) and Hong Kong's ICAC (formed on Feb. 1974) win reputation and prestige,  by disclosing corruption to the public.   Likewise, if exposing the corrupt privileged class (the subject)  to the general public, all parties and all officials ( e.g. Gov. Ned ) can build a prosperous Connecticut. 


 A public inquiry  (from unknown citizens)  can be found by typing   "foi connecticut  uconn corruption " at google.    The subject's victims may  submit  the evidence of the subject's crimes to the Great-Assembly-appointed watchdog agencies and  Attorney General's Office  People, having difficulties in submitting the evidence,   may leave a message.   


​Appendix A. Name: ( the privileged class ) ------Without the rule of law, the privileged class reigns

(1) the subject: a man at UConn, a bully , a liar, a scammer. The subject was recruited as a result of nepotism.

(2) Female W: the subject's travel companion, teacher-student illegal relation

(3) Female V: the subject's wife, beneficiary of nepotism. zero publication

(4) Female C: the subject's travel companion, beneficiary of illegal sex-related transaction.

The subject's travel companions can be illuminated by the citation "Each city has their own professional sex workers that keep clients entertained. That is the main goal behind any travel companion too."


Appendix B. The subject's victims (Victims are woefully uninformed)

Taxpayers and all public members: The subject is a cancer that eats society's organs, and is violating Your Constitutional Rights ! The abuse fund is Your tax money, via NSF and department of eduction. Through his multi-directional and systematic crimes, the subject has distorted public policies, derailed government accountability, demotivated other employees, and depleted public resource.

(2) Students: Through nepotism, the subject's zero-publication wife Female V and his below-par girlfriend Female C became UConn assistant professors. The kids are not being afforded the quality education that they deserve and require. The evaluation of their publication is exclusively based on data from "web of science" , without any human-interference.

(3) Employees: Public fund and private assets have been exclusively and illegitimately converted into the subject's pecuniary and sexual gains. This will destroy other employees' morale and lead to institutional decay.

(4) Other victims . Being atrocious and greedy, the subject fabricate various things to swindle/ bully innocent victims to suicide attempt In the absence of hotline method, nobody knows the exact number of victims. The victims don't speak up because they feel shame, fear of getting in trouble, or avoid stigma/labels. The victims hold on to the pain in silence and might have been engulfed.

For example, using fabricated projects, the subject caused an innocent victim's periodic paralysis. Specifically, the victim was in severe pain and had difficulty in carrying out daily activities such as getting up from a chair, sitting down and walking.

Appendix C. What is happening ?------------ The privileged class ( the subject) has enslaved the public.

The subject's crimes include, but not limited to,

teacher-student sexual crimes:   Sightseeing with Female W (France, Japan, China, etc.) , and sightseeing with/for Female C (Mexico, Germany, China, etc.) amount to at least a dozen times .

nepotistic practice: recruiting his zero-publication wife Female V as the kids' teacher. The unqualified hiring of his wife perpetuates slavery and servitude, and spawns injustice.

illegal behaviors:   hiring his below-par girlfriend Female C as the kids' teacher. The subject's behavior is a serious encroachment of taxpayers' money and is an egregious breach of public trust.

Appendix D. the subject's timeline

As a privileged aristocrat, the subject :

  • 2013—2014:  traveled (stay alone) with his student (Female W) to such places as France for at least three times. This offense was committed when the subject was a teacher at another university.

  • 2015—2016:  traveled with ex-student (Female W) to such places as Japan and China. . This offense was committed when the subject was a teacher at another university.

  • 2016: became an UConn teacher and a member of UConn's post-doc committee

  • 2016: recommended his wife Female V, who has zero publication, as an UConn assistant professor

  • Nov., 2016: travelled to Germany to meet his travel escort Female C (without other students)
  • Jul., 2017: travelled to Spain to meet his travel escort Female C
  • Jul., 2017: acting in a premeditated and calculated fashion, fraudulently procured an UConn postdoc job for his friend Female C
  • Sep., 2018: engaged in teacher-student sightseeing (stay alone) to Mexico (without other students) with Female C
  • Nov., 2018: met his ex-student Female W at UConn

  • Apr. 2019: traveled either with his student Female C or to meet his ex-student Female W
  • May, 2019: gave his postdoc Female C one-month vacation

  • Jun., 2019:  engaged in teacher-student sightseeing with Female C to China

  • Nov., 2019:   engaged in teacher-student sightseeing (stay alone) with Female C to Germany. The subject, by his persistent and calculated teacher-student improper conducts, has showed his contempt for the functioning and integrity of a teacher.
  • 2020: booked conferences. Under the guise of these conferences, the subject can meet Female W or Female C

Appendix E. the privileged class' crimes and impunity are patterns, repeating over and over again

​(1) Corrupt politicians buy support and other benefits, with impunity for the privileged class,   at the expense of the public they were elected to serve.  

Gov. Ned and his UConn Board implement double standard.    Employees have been categorized into the privileged aristocrats (e.g. the subject) and ordinary employees.  Under Gov. Ned or  UConn Board,    ordinary people  accused  of committing crimes  receive harsh penalties,  while  the privileged aristocrats (e.g. the subject)   are insulated   from the consequences of violating law. 

case 1: Racketeering has been detected by media. From Yankee's investigation and other outlets, the attorneys (Christine Cieplinski ) who fight the corrupt privileged class are purged, while the individuals who whitewash the privileged class are elevated.
​case 2: The cover-up and whitewash at UConn have become headlines of Connecticut newspaper, TV and etc. A typical victim can be found at google search result of "UConn sexual". ​

case 3: History repeats itself. Because the subject belongs to privileged class, the racketeering reappears. The subject's co-conspirators have altered and deleted evidence, to the detriment of the Great-Assembly-appointed watchdog agencies. Specifically, the conspirators falsified Female C's status.
(2) UConn privileged class' victims are exponentially increasing

UConn privileged class' crimes can make witnesses (or victims) feel humiliated and overwhelmed with shame. Most witnesses (or victims) would rather suffer in silence than bear the embarrassment of reporting crimes to UConn rulers. Only a tiny fraction of witnesses (or victims) , for the purpose of preventing the privileged class ( predators) from ruining more public members, divulge their experiences to the rulers. These witnesses (or victims) usually view the rulers as the most trustworthy and respectable persons in the world.

However, as long as the witnesses (or victims) are weak, the privileged class' crimes are glossed over. According to a newspaper, Daily Campus,"only 3.75% was investigated. All were found not guilty".


The impunity for the privileged class is an assault on and a threat to everyone's Constitutional Right. The only beneficiaries of impunity are the subject's co-conspirators. The rest of the population pays the price. Due to this impunity from the law, the privileged class (the subject) feels free to carry out more crimes and to generate more suicidal victims, without the fear of punishment. This lack of accountability encourages the repetition of crimes.

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