Everyone pays for Connecticut Lamont UConn corruption

Enumerated in  the First Amendment to US constitution,  the right of petition  is the cornerstone of our nation of, by and for the people.   The right of petition  protects  citizens' right of  requesting governments to fix a wrong policy.  

Freedom of Information  Act (FOIA )  records  about  Gov. Ned's (AG Tong's)  double standard & Ned's falsehood  are at this URL : 


FOIA records about 

  • 16 trips
  • original webpages (before Gov Ned deletes)
  • definition  of sexual relationship and  postdoc            (postdoc = student)  
  •  prohibition of  private contact  between  mentor-postdoc   (or  faculty-postdoc ) 
  •  UConn  HR's  explanation on  umbrella  name of   postdoc    (  research assistant   professor = postdoc)
  • state law provisions on hire of family  
  • plagiarism
  • relation

have been stored for years at  AG, Gov. Ned,  watchdog agencies,  among many others.     The public may make a FOIA request to them. 

Connecticut (CT)   Great-Assembly-appointed watchdog agencies referred   Fabrice Baudoin  (hereafter "the subject") at  University of Connecticut     (see appendix A,B, C, D)    to   CT Attorney  General's Office  (AGO) and Gov. Ned.    In the presence of   law loopholes (appendix  E, F,G, H ),  this public corruption case has been handled as follows:

  •  Ned- Tong regime  hires   lawyers  at University of Connecticut    (hereafter  "Ned's lawyers")   to  delete evidence (e.g. the subject's webpage, the postdoc's webpage )  and to fabricate  documents  (hereafter "Ned-fabricated documents") ,  delete  criminal evidence,  to fabricate  FOIA log and to  conceal  FOIA emails.  .    To  shield liability and to avoid public scrutiny,   Gov. Ned never signs  his name  in  Ned's lies. 
  • The impact factors  of Baudoin-hired-Li-Chen 's  papers are so low that  Gov Ned dare not report impact factors  to the public.   Instead,   Ned-'s -lawyers  defrauded (  told lies that Chen was Ambar Sengupta's postdoc)  department chair Ambar Sengupta ,   in exchange that department chair Ambar Sengupta  gave Chen a positive comment.
  •  AG  Tong is either unwilling  or unable to   stop  Gov.  Ned    from fabricating documents.   
  • Ned Regime loots 0​.​6 million tax money annually for Baudoin,    and will funnel 1 billion for Baudoin in 50 years (computed with compound interest 4.1%).   

Ned regime divides employees into ordinary employees and privileged one,  and  transfers ordinary employees' tax money to cronies.   


  Gov. Ned's  double standard is  an assault on and a threat to everyone's Constitutional Right.   Gov. Ned's political party (resp. Gov. Ned)  dismiss  Ram Gopal  ( resp. Richard Colangelo )  for   4 group trips  ( resp. hire of an official's daughter).    Gov. Ned's  double standard carries the seeds of Ned regime's destruction, if not for Ned regime  then for its offspring.  The only beneficiaries of double standard  are Ned regime and  Ned;s lawyers. The rest of the population pays the price.    Due to this double standard ,    the privileged class (the subject)  feels  free to  carry out more crimes , without the fear of punishment.

Appendix A. Name   

(1) the subject:  Fabrice Baudoin at University of Connecticut .  professional inability,

 (2) Female W (Jing Wang):   the subject's travel companion,  

 (3) Jeana Vatamanelu:   Baudoin's wife, beneficiary of nepotism.   zero publication

 (4) Female C (Li Chen):    the subject's travel companion,     

Baudoin's travel companions can be illuminated by the citation  "Each city has their own professional sex workers that keep clients entertained. That is the main goal behind any travel companion too."



Appendix B.   Baudoin's victims-------Victims are woefully uninformed

 ⑴  Taxpayers and  all  public members:   The subject is a cancer that eats society's organs, and  is violating Your Constitutional Rights !  The abuse fund is Your tax money, via NSF and department of education.  Through his multi-directional and systematic crimes,  the subject  distorts   public policies,  derails  government accountability,  demotivates  other employees,  and depletes public resource.

(2) Students:  Through nepotism,  Baudoint's zero-publication wife Jeana Vatamanelu and his below-par girlfriend Li Chen   became  assistant professors at University of Connecticut.    The kids are not being afforded the quality education that they deserve and require. The evaluation of their publication is exclusively based on data from "web of science" , without any human-interference. 

(3) Employees:  Public fund and private assets have been exclusively and illegitimately converted into  Baudoin's pecuniary and sexual gains.      This will destroy other employees'  morale and lead to institutional decay. 

(4)  Other victims .  Being atrocious  and greedy,  Baudoin  fabricate various items to swindle/ bully  innocent victims to suicide attempt.     In the absence of hotline method, nobody knows the exact number of victims. The victims don't speak up because they feel shame, fear of getting in trouble, or avoid stigma/labels. The victims hold on to the pain in silence and might have been engulfed.  

For example,  using fabricated projects, Baudoin caused an innocent victim's periodic paralysis.    Specifically, the victim was in severe pain and had difficulty in carrying out daily activities such as getting up from a chair, sitting down and walking.   


Appendix C. What is happening in this CT public corruption cases?  

 The subject's  crimes include, but not limited to, 

  • Ram-Gopal-type  teacher-student  improper conduct:    Sightseeing with Jing Wang (France, Japan, China, etc.) , and  sightseeing with/for Li Chen (Mexico, Germany,  China, etc.)   amount to 16  times  .   Among them,  in at least 10 trips,  the subject did not bring his other students,   as shown from his students name lists  (Ned regime deleted this evidence)
  •  nepotistic practice:  recruiting his zero-publication wife Jeana Vatamanelu  as the kids' teacher  perpetuates  slavery and servitude, and spawns injustice.
  • illegal  transaction:   hiring his below-par  friend Li  Chen as the kids' teacher  is a serious encroachment of taxpayers' money and is an egregious breach of public trust.

Partial amount of Baudoin's fraud is calculated as follows:    https://chng.it/YRry6byC          ​​


Appendix D.  Baudoin's timeline

  Fabrice Baudoin :

mm /dd /yy

  • 2013—2014:   traveled (stay alone) with his student  (Jing Wang) to such places as France for at least three times.  This offense was committed when the subject was a teacher at another university.
                           1/9/13---1/2/13 :  traveled (stay alone) with his student   Jing Wang  to San Diego, California.  Baudoin did not bring his other student, except for Jing Wang  
  •                         5/29/13--5/31/13:   traveled with his student   Jing Wang  to Adagio hotel,  Rennes, France.  Baudoin did not bring his other student, except for Jing Wang  
  • 2015—2016:   traveled with ex-student (Jing Wang) to such places as Japan and China. .  This offense was committed when the subject was a teacher at another university.
  • 2016:  became a teacher at University of Connecticut   and a member of  post-doc committee
  • 2016:   recommended his wife Jeana Vatamanelu, who has zero publication,  to be a assistant professor at University of Connecticut
  • Nov., 2016:    travelled to Germany to meet his travel escort Li Chen (without other students)
  • Jul., 2017:  travelled to Spain to meet his travel escort Li Chen
  • Jul., 2017:  procured a postdoc job at University of Connecticut  for his friend Li Chen,  with merely an email.   This violates state law
  • Sep., 2018:   engaged in teacher-student sightseeing  to Mexico with Li Chen.  (without  his other  students)   . 
  • Nov., 2018:  met  his ex-student Jing Wang at  University of Connecticut
  • Apr. 2019:  traveled to meet his ex-student Jing Wang for nearly half an month    (most of time,  there is no other people from UConn)
  • May, 2019:   gave his postdoc  Li Chen   one-month vacation (taxpayers pay this vacation)
  • Jun., 2019:   engaged in teacher-student sightseeing with Li Chen  to China
  • Nov., 2019:    engaged in teacher-student sightseeing   with Li Chen to Germany.     (without Baudoin's other students)
  • 2020:   booked conferences. Under the guise of these conferences, the subject can meet Female W or  Female C
    In many neighboring states,   public corruption cases issue reports to public.  In CT, public corruption cases are concealed from the public.      
  • 1985:   legislators created independent public corruption prosecutors
  • 1986:  Democrats abolished   independent public corruption prosecutors.    From then on,   CT public corruption cases has been controlled by  Ned's party
  • 2009:  senators Tony Guglielmo suggest releasing public corruption prosecutors from partisan control
  • 2021:  Ned--trustees  received evidence and falsified information
  • 2022:    Ned  Regime  colluded with Baudoin    deleted Baudoin's criminal evidence (e.g. Baudoin's webpage,  Li Chen's  page) and fabricated FOIA log 
  • after win election at  2022:   Ned Regime  fabricates  Li Chen's status  

 Appendix E.  Ned fabricates and deletes documents 

 FOIA records  are here


(1)Ned fabricates  FOIA log

Whenever the public requests FOIA document about "Fabrice Baudoin",   Ned's lawyers turn "Fabrice Baudoin" into "math professor",  "faculty member", or "math faculty" .  All  below URLs are fabricated by Ned Regime



the original FOIA request is here



(2) Ned  fabricates Baudoin's fraud amount

Ned-party-appointed-lawyers, who are the same persons as Ned's lawyers,  deem that compensate time for Gopal's four trips  is  nearly  0.1 million.  In contrast,  the same lawyers deem that the compensate time for the subject's ten more trips is zero.     

(3) Ned  fabricates Baudoin's travel nature

 Gopal took four group trips  In all these trips,   other faculty members and PhD students from  Gopal's  department also traveled to these destinations.  Ned's lawyers established a illegal romantic relationship between Gopal and a female, and   spared no efforts to send Gopal to prison.   

 Visiting a vacuum tube cannot be reimbursed.   Instead of the vacuum tube, Fabrice Baudoin used conference as a pretext to reimburse his  travel expense and to obtain compensate time.          Since Fabrice Baudoin goes sightseeing,    there must be human beings in airplanes and conferences.     The mere  existence of human beings cannot be used as an excuse  to justify  Baudoin's sightseeing with a female.     Moreover,  in most of the trips,  the subject did not bring his other phd student   ( the subject's website had a student name list.   Ned's lawyers  delete  this evidence)  , except for the girlfriend.    Gov. Ned uses conference participates as a pretext,    and wastes  1 billion tax money on Baudoin's  staying night with a single female students at hotel.   

(4) Ned  fabricates Li Chen's status

Before 2021,  Baudoin claimed in his website that  Li Chen was his postdoc student, Li Chen claimed in her website that  Baudoin was her mentor.      After  receiving  evidence,  Ned's lawyers colluded with the pair ( Baudoin and  Li Chen ) and deleted/altered the pair's webpages.    Currently,   Ned regime justifies the teacher-student staying night at hotel  by telling lie that  Li Chen was department chair's supervisee.      

Ned Regime uses  tax money to pay Ned's lawyers   1 more million  per year,  in exchange for a lie that    "Li   Chen was  department chair Ambar Sengupta's   postdoc"  .           The sky-high-expensive  lie   " Li   Chen was  department chair Ambar Sengupta's  supervisee"  should be hand-signed by CT President Martin Looney,   Gov. Ned,      AG Tong   and Ned-party-leaders, and be stored in US museums forever. 


(5) Ned Regime  conceals Baudoin's emails

Lawyers,  hired by democratic party leaders,    turn "Fabrice Baudoin" into "faculty member" in this log and refuse to turn out  Baudoin's email.


(6)Ned deletes Baudoin criminal evidence

Baudoin's webpages contain Baudoin's student list and travel lists.   Li Chen had a poor publication, in accordance with  "web of science"  database.   What is worse,   Li Chen's recruitment process violates state law.         Ned's lawyers  intimidate/defraud  department chair that Li Chen was department chair's supervisee.     Consequently,  department chair justified the recruitment of Li Chen . 

CT democratic leaders (e.g. Martin Looney, Bob  Duff ,  Jason Rojas) are responsible for deleting  Baudoin's criminal evidence,  fabricating FOIA log, and concealing Baudoin's emails.    



Appendix F.  Media reports:     Gov. Ned's two pillars of cronyism

CT democratic leaders are famous for  cronyism, which is exactly kleptocracy


"Democrats, who have long dominated the government and come to do whatever they please, granting all kinds of lucrative goodies, jobs, lavish contracts, even bloated lifetime pensions, to cronies."

​(1)  1st pillar of cronyism:   Ned-UConn-whitewash system

The whitewash system at University of Connecticut (UConn)  is constructed by CT government and  reports directly to governor's   trustee.     

 Employees have been categorized into the privileged aristocrats (e.g. the subject) and ordinary employees.  Ordinary people  accused  of committing crimes  receive harsh penalties,  while  the privileged aristocrats (e.g. the subject)   are insulated   from the consequences of violating law. 

  • case 1:    From Yankee's investigation and other outlets, the attorneys (Christine Cieplinski ) who fight the corrupt privileged class are purged, while the individuals who whitewash the privileged class are elevated.


  • case 2:  The cover-up and whitewash  at at University of Connecticut   have become headlines of Connecticut newspaper, TV and etc.    A typical victim can be found at google search result of "UConn sexual". ​ 

The above mentioned  cases and the subject's case  are manipulated by similar Ned's lawyers.,   and have been detected by many media:   Yankee Institute, nbcconnecticut, wtnh, wfsb, etc.      As long as the witnesses (or victims) are weak, Ned's lawyers delete the UConn privilege class'   criminal evidence.    According to a newspaper, Daily Campus, "only 3.75% was investigated. All were found not guilty".   


 UConn privileged class'  victims are exponentially increasing .  UConn privileged class'  crimes can make witnesses (or victims)  feel humiliated and overwhelmed with shame.   Most  witnesses (or victims) would rather suffer in silence  than  bear the embarrassment of reporting crimes to UConn rulers.       Only a tiny fraction of  witnesses (or victims) ,    for the purpose of preventing the privileged class ( predators)  from ruining more public members, divulge their experiences to the rulers.    These witnesses (or victims)  usually view the rulers as the most trustworthy and respectable persons in the world.   


(2) ​  2nd  pillar of cronyism:  Secrecy in CT public corruption cases

Newspapers  "the day" and "ctmirror"  expose the secrecy. 





Appendix G.     CT  monopoly  originates from legal loopholes 

 (1) regarding unpunished corruption cases,     CT   FOIA     does not have mandatory disclosure provision.   

 In such states as Pennsylvania (PA) and   New York (NYC),   public corruption cases are reported  to the public   


On the contrary,  under CT FOIA,  citizens cannot get access to unpunished corruption cases.  Leader-crony patron-client networks  are concealed from the average citizens.        Average  citizens do  not know anything about  incumbent official's corruption.   Incumbent officials  achieve  electoral victory again and again,    because the government uses public fund to whitewash  crimes  are   withheld from the average citizens.    


(2)  CT corruption law deliberately shields decision-makers     (e.g. Governor, AG, their party leaders ) from liability and   makes civilian oversight completely  impossible .       

  In such states as Louisiana (LA),   chief prosecutors put their signatures in reports, and open the reports in website for public scrutiny.


On the contrary,   CT decision-makers  of public corruption cases ( e.g. governor, his leaders)  do not need to write a report,  letting alone putting  their signatures in reports.   Decision-makers of public corruption cases can buy vote with impunity or grant impunity to cronies in a traceless and recordless way.    The resulting leader-crony patron-client networks  make CT the most monopolistic place in the world. 


(3)  CT public corruption law does not  release public corruption prosecutors from partly control. 

As soon as president, governor and AG come from the same party,     anti-corruption instrument  may easily become invalid and incapacitated 


for the above reasons,  more than 33 neighboring states  try to  free anti-corruption prosecutors from partisan control , and set up independent prosecutors:


  In contrast, from CT public corruption law,     CT anti-corruption prosecutors are  placed in the cage of  a single political party,  when governor and AG come from the same party.  CT senators have been urging government to release public corruption prosecutors from political party's control:


Regretfully,    party leaders buy support and other benefits, with impunity for the privileged class,   at the expense of the public they were elected to serves.  Patron-client networks and vote-buying with impunity  enable  this party to monopolize  CT for nearly 80 years. 


Appendix H.  A  plan to fix   CT legal loopholes 

(1) Require  that   AG and governor to sit  in opposite parties.    After governor election,  citizens  elect an AG from remaining parties.       When governor and AG come from the same party,   party leaders  recklessly fabricate / delete  evidence  in public corruption cases, and  leverage public service for personal gain.    

(2)  Force   AG  to sign   his/her name on  the reports of public corruption cases,  and to   publish  reports  in AG's website.    (   This is  convention in such states as  Louisiana,    their IG corresponds  to AG )  .  This provision ends partisan controls over AG. 

(3) Abolish   secrecy provision in  all public corruption laws (e.g. False Claim Act ) . FOIA needs to be modified such that  unpunished public cases are open to all citizens .These provisions end vote-buying with impunity and dismantle leader-crony patron-client networks. 

(4)   Ban CT  government  leaders from manipulating  Ned-fabricate-evidence-lawyers to delete/ fabricate evidence.         Public-agency-whitewash-lawyers   are unique in  two-party election system (e.g. America,  European) ,  and   should be turned  into real prosecutors.       

(5) Establishes agencies and laws to  help the public to charge against     governing bodies.  US is in dire need of  "derelict in duty" law,  to discipline governing bodies     (e.g.  president,   governor,  AG,  ethic office,   education department, justice department) .      For example,     the Ned-party-leaders-controlled-UConn-lawyers    handled  both Gopal and the subject  in a double standard way.       It is necessary to  create an agency and  a law provision  to  force   to Gov.  Ned's leaders ( e.g. CT president Martin Looney) sign their names in the reports ,   and  to display  Ned  leaders'  double standard  in US museums. 


American democracy rests on faith in   "government by laws, and not by men".   Please kindly  share this article . Gov Lamont funnels public fund  to Fabrice Baudoin by concealing Baudoin's email.   I invite all public members to make a FOIA request about Baudoin's email from this website


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