In Spain become each year 50.000 Galgos on brutally slain. Galgos are used for hunting small feral,and if they no longer satisfy,they brutally killed.Spain is hell on earth for these poor dogs.
A few examples:
- hanging on trees : the AGONY often takes hours or days!!!!!!           
- galgos on fire                    
- legs chopped of
- shoot down
- starvation               
In the killingstations they receive no injections to sleep, but they clubbed to death,slaughtered, starvation etc... Injections are to expensive..
They are trown into wells,where they die a horrible death.
   The hunters think,the more dogs suffers, the following is better.


After a hard life of trapped in a small cage,abused and murdered I would like to give Galgos a chance,a dog on dignity. There are no laws in Spain who abuse prevention.The local people who are trying to stop these practices can almost no longer. I can not longer ignore these abuses.
I pledge to a better law in Spain against these cruelty.


Here in one of the many stories of a Galgo for me really has seized..
On August 13,2009 Gisela was rescued from its owner..
He had left her for a long time.Although she had a microchip..
the owner had her scandalously neglected.She weighed only 14 pounds to her rescue..
Malnourished,dehydrated,under the sign,and the DA could not believe this girl could stand and walk,so tin and weak as she was.Her waist was only 20 cm..
They got a name,they got care in NOA'S ARC,all in the hope that they would get a future that they so very deserved..
Everything she did endure, confident she placed her fate in the hands of her rescuers..
Today september 1,2009.. 19 days after her rescue,she helped to the rainbowbridge.Gisela's organs were to damaged by years of neglect and abuse,and there was no chance of recovery,or a dignified life..
She took no nutriens from her food through a damaged pancreas..
Gisela.. Girl.. Your'e born in 2004 and there is only 19 days of your account.. YOU ARE NOW FREE AND WITHOUT PAIN..
Watch the video on:
 You Tube .... Gisela's Memorial
   http / /


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We the undersigned pledge for a better law against Galgo abuse in your country.

We believe that all life on earth deserve respect and proper care.

Would you please consider.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
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