Jail animal abusers we will not stand by and let them win

  • by: Diane Purcell
  • target: Prime minister UK & Canada and President US.


-this petition will not cause spam etc it is being run by Myself Diane Purcell and Jeri Lynne if you want any questions answered feel free to mail catkeeper@hotmail.co.uk or contact Jeri at jlaldea79@yahoo.com

Ok We all seem to have a common cause that is to stop animal abuse..the only way abuse will stop is if there is a punishment for it and right now it is hit and miss different states treat different cases..the RSPCA are involved in the UK but nothing is being done...just today another news story pregnant cat doused in tar god only knows if she will have her litter...we need to tell them all we won't stand for it..Dogs being found like skeletons..horses left for dead..we can stop this..we need to communicate and speak up....sign this petition. we want everyone's signature lets show them we live in the real world and we care.

In the U.S. each city and state has it's own laws dealing with animal abuse. In Ohio they are inacting the Nitro's law and similar laws around the country. But even so each state needs to step up to the plate and make and inforce tougher laws for people that abuse animals. They are everywhere! Whether it be Ashley Nicole Richards the Houston, TX woman arrested for crush videos, or the Grayling , MI man Dan Kelley whose adopted brother stole his dog, decapitated it, left it on the side of the road, and threatend to stuff and mount the dogs head and mail it to Dan. We need to let the government know that we are the voice of abused animals! It is our job to protect them and keep them safe! Also it's a proven fact that serial killers start out at young ages "practicing" their skills on small animals before moving on to people!

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