We need people to know the truth about our wolves. About the habit of those ranchers who blame every livestock kill on wolves when the real truth of the matter is that less than 1% of those kills are actually wolf related. About how the traps and pinching devices are not humane at all. . . many wolves suffer for hours while these hunters are sitting there smiling for a photograph. Not only that, but these devices can and often are set on public property, where a child or a pet can find themselves caught.
Does this sound like a humane way to kill any animal. True hunters are those that will take an animal down with a single shot. . . Often times to feed their families. However these wolf killers laugh and make jokes while trying to strangle or otherwise torture a captured wolf.
Please be the voice of reason. . . please be the voice of our wolves. The more information you have, the more inteligent your choice becomes. I AM PRO WOLF!!!! 

Dear Mr. President,

 We are asking that you stop the states from murdering our wolves. Trapping and pinching has proven to be very painful to ANY animal. Our wolves are in danger of becoming extinct yet again because of the trophy hunting and man's greed. Please read all of the real truths by ecologists that say all you really need to know. I am an avid wolf lover and will conitnue my barrage on congress until you finally put your foot down and stop the slaughter!!!!


Donna Tasaka Moore 

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