Stop My Mom From Being Deported!

  • by: Maria Donado
  • target: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

My mom and I fled from Colombia because my family was being chased by guerrilla leaders who wanted to harm us. When we came to the U.S. my mom and dad hadn't told me anything, I thought we had come to just be with my father. But things turned out to be different.

Our living situation was hard, as mom and I were two extra mouths to feed, so my mom borrowed "a friend's social security number" to work at a job that put her teaching degree to shame. It turned out, however, that the woman had scammed her, and my mom was seized by immigration, jailed for a month where her nerves were driven to the edge, and she was charged with a supposed "fraud." Her crimminal record is nonexistent, and the only reason she ever used that number was because she wanted us to survive, to not starve and to always have a humble, beautiful roof over our heads, for me to study here in the U.S. and be safe in this country where no one was hunting us down. But now Immigration is threatening the peace and serenity my parents have worked to build for so long. WHO ARE THEY TO DECIDE WHO CAN BE SAFE, WHO CAN BE REMOVED LIKE A SPOT OF DUST, WHO CAN BE THROWN OUT OR AWAY JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR NATIONALITY? If my mother were deported to Colombia, where her life would be in danger DAILY, and she were harmed or murdered by the ever present criminals and gangs, it would be her blood on ICE's filthy hands!

My mom is a teacher, a loving woman who works with twelve AMERICAN toddlers daily and has advanced their learning so much that at two to three years old they are already writing their names and learning well beyond their years. She loves them equally, unbiasedly, and unendingly. They love her, call her Miss Rosa and could not possibly keep up their excellent preschool educations without her. Every AMERICAN parent could vouch for her and SHOW how much she has affected the life of not only them, but their children! She has turned many lives around with a force of will like none other and a few bits and pieces of broken English! She has slaved over book after book to learn the language of her new home, she has tried so hard to assimilate and show everyone that we are all human and we all err, we all love, we all bleed and hope and FEEL HAVE YOU DOCUMENTS OR NOT! SHE IS A HUMAN BEING WHO DESERVES DIGNITY, RESPECT, AND THE BORN RIGHT TO FEEL SECURE WITHIN HER SURROUNDINGS!!! I WILL NOT LET YOU TAKE HER! NO ONE WILL!


Millions of families accross the U.S. are divided forcefully and are caused not only heartbreak and hardship, but psychological distress and a life where the pursuit of happiness is nothing but a lie. I will not allow Rosa De Castro to be taken from her family so she and her loved ones will have to suffer such an injustice! She is not a criminal, she is a hardworking mother who did what she had to do in order for her and her child to survive day by day! She deserves to be treated like a decent human being who has never caused any harm and has lived a dign and moral lifestyle since the day she was born! YOU DON'T NEED "PAPERS" TO BE AMERICAN! ROSA DESERVES TO STAY! YOU CAN IGNORE ONE VOICE, BUT YOU CAN'T IGNORE A MILLION!

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