The Protest Emigrant Visa - create new visa for protest emigrants!

We, the undersigned, ask the governments of European Union countries, the government of the United States of America, the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the government of Ukraine to consider at the legislative level and realize the creation of a new national visa giving the right to accommodate to people having both the citizenship of the Russian Federation and citizenships of other countries and having objective claims to their governments called "the PROTEST Emigrant Visa" for people who are financially independent.
The petition for people living below the poverty line but having the possibility to be economically useful for the receiving side will be created and submitted for consideration separately.

The rights which should be given by the "Economically Independent Protest Emigrant Visa":
• Legal entering the chosen country;
• The right to stay in the country from 365 days with the possibility to prolong whether reasons urging the person to leave his/her homeland are remaining actual;
• The right to get medical treatment on equal rights with native citizens on condition of payment the official medical insurance by the emigrant;
• The right to travel inside the country and request short-time visas for tourist or business travels;
• The right to choose the accommodation inside the country at his/her discretion;
• The right to open a open a bank account with a limited validity period (for the visa validity term) and prolong it in case of the first visa prolongation;
• The right to find an employer in case the inner market needs the emigrant as a specialist and cannot change him/her by the employee having the same qualification from the citizens of the country (after that the emigrant submits a petition to provide him/her a residence permit on a new basis);
• The right to use all paid services inside the country of residence paying them at his/her own expense and to have all necessary for that permissions and accesses (on the example of Estonia a migrant should have the possibility to get a smart-ID or its analogue with a limited validity period, the latter should be equal to the visa validity period);
• The right to contact the authorities and use the services of emergency medical care and firefighters on condition of call payment;
• The right freedom of speech and expression of opinion concerning the policy of the emigrant's native country including permitted meetings in front of the embassy building;
• The right to register business on the territory of the chosen country and to pay income taxes during his/her stay in the country from any sources including foreign ones;
• The right to take part in volunteer activity of international organizations during his/her stay in the country without any discrimination by nationality and citizenship.

The emigrant has no right to:
• Vote at the elections;
• Criticize the policy of the country he/she has entered by his/her own choice during three-year period of his/her legal stay in the country. Getting the visa emigrant accepts the fact that the policy of the chosen country fully coincides with his/her political point of view and the way of governing the country. Provided the emigrant is not satisfied with the country of residence he/she has the right to apply for the provision of Protest Emigrant Visa in another country, whose policy is more loyal from his/her point of view;
• Express or give any support to the state of citizenship;
• Enter into any conflicts with the legal residents of the chosen country based on the difference in political points of view.
Coming into any residence country for these reasons the emigrant must fully compensate for those costs the receiving side has had.

Conditions of getting National Visa by a protest emigrant:
• The emigrant must have the citizenship of any state without any nationality discrimination. While considering the visa application states must not use outdated subjective reports about the safety levels of the country of origin. What is important is the emigrant's point of view which he/she must state clearly and in detail in the application;
• The emigrant must not have any open criminal or administrative cases in the country of his/her citizenship (whether there are the ones the task of the emigrant is to use the international protection law and apply for that);
• The emigrant must have the valid inner passport of the country of his/her citizenship. In any special cases the Migration Department must request clear and logical explanations of the reason of he/she has not made or could not make an inner travel document of his/her citizenship (special grounds);
• The emigrant must have the source of constant income not less than 2000 USA dollars a month which will make it possible for an emigrant to provide himself/herself with all necessary products, rent or purchase any estate objects in the chosen country, pay the medical treatment, transport expenses, travels and cultural life;
• The emigrant must have the possibility to independently and legally convert his/her income into the currency of the chosen country under the conditions of sanctions;
• The emigrant must not be a law enforcement officer, any security company or any state structures connected with law and order in his/her citizenship country. Otherwise he/she must be dismissed from such organizations at his/her own request not less than 24 months before the applying Protest Emigrant Visa.
• The emigrant must clearly understand that he/she will feel better in the residence country than in the citizenship country, promote this and make his/her best to integrate into society and culture of the chosen country.
Provided the emigrant is sure that in the citizenship country he felt better but still stays in the chosen country for more than 30 days after the first public statement of his/her opinion the host country government has the right to cancel his/her visa and give him/her the term of not more than 60 days to voluntarily return to his/her citizenship country.

We, undersigned, ask to state the visa cost in such a way that 50 per cent of its duty was used for special existing or established for that assistance funds for Ukrainian refugees who are located on the territory of the given state and under the protection of the chosen residence country.
We also ask to consider the possibility to prolong the mentioned visa only on condition of monthly feasible contribution of not more than 100 Euros or the USA dollars to one of the existing or specially established funds (by choice of the emigrant):
• The fund of co financing the current expenses and costs which the Ukrainian refugees are bearing in connection with the war and genocide provoked by the government of the Russian Federation or
• The fund of co financing Ukrainian Military Forces, purchasing armory and compensating military expenses of Ukraine or
• The budget of the receiving country for their further reasonable use for state needs on the choice of the country government.

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