Natural Balance Pet Foods: Please stop dealing with China and Covance Labs.

  • by: Laura Campbell
  • recipient: Chrissy Trampedach and Joanna DiNinzio, Del Monte Foods; Rob Bailey, Natural Balance Pet Foods

I've bought Natural Balance dog food for years and recently learned, to my shock and sadness, that since the sale to Del Monte Foods:, 1) Even though the final products are made and tested in the USA, they now get at least vitamin C from China and possibly other ingredients (cannot yet get proof of that in writing, only by phone with reps: 1-800-829-4493), 2) that at least one of their product lines is now made in Thailand which has free trade with China:, and 3) that NB also contracts with Covance Labs for certain testing of foods: Yes, Covance, which has been exposed for animal torture in footage like this:

NOTE: Speaking only as the petition author, I've bought NB's vegan formula for many years and my dogs have thrived on it, but now I must try to find another brand and/or prepare their food from scratch. I don't consider animal products as suitable for animal lovers, yet many insist on feeding animals other animals, so that is >another topic for another time.<
TO PETITION SIGNERS: Additional contact info if you want to do some more to help get Natural Balance Pet Foods back on your shopping list:

NB Contact form:

Phone: 800-829-4493


Del Monte Foods:

National Sales Manager, Food Ingredients, Chuck Vogt:

2549 Selwyn Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28209

1-415-722-1927 (Phone)

1-412-222-1794 (Fax)

Director, Technical Services, Gus Kuhmichel:
600 North 15th Street
Rochelle, IL 61068
1-815-562-1363 (Phone)
1-815-562-1396 (Fax)
1-815-761-0236 (Mobile)

Additional info:

This is not my book, no connection with author:

Chrissy Trampedach, Del Monte Foods 
Joanna DiNizio, Del Monte Foods 
Rob Bailey, Natural Balance Pet Foods 


We, as loyal customers who trusted your stance on loving and caring for dogs and cats, strongly urge you to: 

1) Stop buying ingredients from China or related companies known to be careless enough to injure and kill our animals with deadly Melamine among other contaminants. You say your testing methods assure safety, but that is only until the first disaster occurs under this new system. There's no reason vitamin C, etc., must be bought from China, so please stop this; you are a US company and can get safe vitamin C, etc., made in the US. 

2) Stop your dealings with Covance Labs or any other company known to use "lab animals" for product testing, even if you have other types of analyses done by them not using animals. By dealing with them you're helping them profit off of animal torture as shown in the above linked video and elsewhere. As animal lovers, as you claim, you should not want to contribute to such a company, not until they cease any and all uses of captive animals for experimentation. 

We can get any knowledge needed without resorting to being monsters. The food should be thoroughly tested in your animal-free lab as shown here, although the white-coated, gloved, overly-earnest scientist getups are a bit much, no offense intended: 

We await your positive response assuring us that these two practices will be ended and that you'll keep animal safety, love for animals, and respect for your customers as your utmost priority from now on. 

[Your name]

Update #36 years ago
Still no reply from Natural Balance & Del Monte after a month & a half and having sent the petition to the recipients twice. So I've moved on to a new food brand for my dogs (animal-loving vegan company) and will no longer be buying Natural Balance products. Thank you all for signing and helping, and I hope people will continue to let Natural Balance know of your disapproval of these practices and boycott their products until they listen and change. I will close the petition now.
Update #26 years ago
Hello, I have sent the petition to the three targets at Del Monte Foods and NaturalBalance Pet Foods. Will keep you all posted on any responses from them. Hopefully catching this problem in its early stages will be able to stop it. Thank you again for signing.
Update #16 years ago
Thank you signers, nearly 500, but I was hoping to get 1000 before sending to recipients. Could you help by sharing on FB, Twitter, etc? This could be solved if Natural Balance(NB) & Del Monte see more support. And the problem is real, as NB was China-free & cruelty-free, as far as not dealing with vivisection labs, when under management of Dick Van Patten; didn't change till Del Monte bought NB, at least as far as I know. I think there's hope if we all speak up and spread the word. Thanks!
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