This petition is in support of the release on parole for offender Sherry Ann (Barton) Vincent, TDCJ-ID No. 789968, incarcerated at the Lane Murray Unit, 1916 N. Hwy 36 Bypass, Gatesville, TX 76596.

Ms. Vincent is currently servicing a 35-year sentence for the offense of injury to a Child that occurred on March 1, 1995. In Brief, Ms. Vincent was 20-years old when she committed the offense. The victim of the offense was her daughter, Melody Twitty. Ms. Vincent confessed to having disciplined her daughter by using an unusual method; she hooked the child's shirttail to a door knob. By doing this, the shirt came up under the child's underarms and restrained the child's movement. Ms. Vincent also confessed to having become angry with her daughter that afternoon and at that time, pulled her by the hair and spanked her on the bottom, leaving a bruise. Ms. Vincent confessed to these acts at the time of her arrest and also at her trial. Ms. Vincent had no previous criminal record.

Ms. Vincent was found guilty and sentenced by a jury. She has now served 12 calendar years of a 35-year sentence, and has been eligible for parole since November of 2000. She has been denied parole three times due to the nature of offense and under threat to the public. Ms. Vincent will be reviewed for parole again in October 2009.

During the course of Ms. Vincent's incarceration, she has shown remorse by taking responsibility for her actions. She has also worked diligently overcome issues that led to her arrest as well as prepare herself to become a productive member of society. The following is a list of programs that Ms. Vincent has participated in and completed as of 2009:

Anger Management Classes

Cognitive Intervention Classes

Overcomers - Christian-based 12-Step Program

Drug & Health Awareness Classes

Certificate Programs for Religious Studies

Collage Vocation for Graphic Arts & Printing - Central Texas College

Associate's Degree from - Central Texas Collage

In addition, Ms. Vincent is the Unit Artist at Lane Murray and contributes her talents toward programs conducted by the City of Gatesville, Patriot Paws, Peer Health, and other unit functions. Ms. Vincent has had no disciplinary issues in 5-years, and has not committed any acts of violence since the time of her offense in 1995.

Ms. Vincent has the support of her family as well as the paternal family of her daughter Melody. Both families have been hurt by the actions of Ms. Vincent, yet feel that she no longer constitutes a threat to society, and deserves a chance for parole. Ms. Vincent, her family, and the paternal family of Melody are asking the community to which Ms. Vincent plans to request release to support her return to society through the parole process. It is felt that Ms. Vincent's efforts to better herself, and her artistic talents will allow her to not only successfully reenter society, but to provide positive contributions as well.

If you would like to support Ms. Vincent in her parole review and petition for her release on parole, please submit your signature in the appropriate section below. Ms. Vincent, her family, and the paternal family of her daughter Melody would appreciate your support.

By signing this petition, I am aware that I am petitioning to the Texas Board of Paroles on behalf of Sherry Ann (Barton) Vincent, TDCJ-ID 789968, at the Lane Murray Unit, 1916 Hwy. 36 Bypass, Gatesville, Texas 76596.

By signing this petition, I am further aware that the offender's offense is Injury to a Child. I am in agreement that the offender has served an adequate amount of time, has shown remorse for her offense, exceptional improvement in behavior, and in the opinion of this petition, is no longer a threat or danger to any other persons.

All who sign this petition offer moral support to the above offender. It is the prayer of all petitioners that the offender be granted release on parole at the earliest possible opportunity.

We thank you for taking the time to consider our request for parole for Sherry Ann Vincent. After reading the nature of Sherry Ann Vincent's crime, and the personal progress that she has made since her incarceration, we feel that Ms. Sherry Ann Vincent is an excellent candidate for parole due to personal growth she has shown since being incarcerated, her lack of violence while incarcerated for the past 12 years, the strong family and support network that she has in place, and finally, because after serving 12 years in prison for a crime that she is sincerely sorry for, it is time for her to be given a chance to rejoin society.

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