Denpasar (Indonesia) Among the white sandy beaches, luxury villas and temples, authorities on the Indonesian island of Bali are carrying out mass culls of dogs in an anti-rabies campaign, an official confirmed Sunday 27th July, 2014.

The culled dogs were smuggled illegally. When found, officials look for the owners to return them, and see that they are vaccinated. But if they have no owners or can't find them, they just cruelly cull them.

Despite a stomach-churning video posted on YouTube  of a mass slaughter that has prompted outrage from animal welfare groups, Bali Animal Husbandry Department chief Putu Sumantra confirmed that there were no plans to end the practice. Warning: video is very disturbing!

The footage shows more than 30 dogs squealing before they are given lethal injections to the heart and piled on top of each other as they convulse to their deaths.

A uniformed employee is seen smiling at a small fluffy pomeranian as she takes a picture of it on her smartphone seconds before it is injected, along with Siberian huskies, collie dogs and pugs.

Local animal welfare groups have run successful vaccination programmes and the number of humans becoming infected with rabies has decreased significantly.

The Balinese government has also carried out a programme, with more than 300,000 dogs vaccinated.

However this horrific culling practice is continuing and needs to stop immediately. Please help us to put an end to this now!