Please ban bullfighting across all of Spain and all Spanish territories NOW!!!!

I have been looking up about petitions against bullfighting. I have seen some gruesome images of bulls that are bloodied during bullfights, with lances in their backs, the matadors "dancing" with and fighting them.
Warning: Very disturbing information about animal cruelty to bulls, horses and mules below. Please still sign and share anyway, if you can.
If Juliet Gellately's book "Born to Be Wild" is still up-to-date and correct, there are tricks to work in the matador's favour. One is to keep the bull without water until he is very, very dehydrated and then give him a huge lot of alcohol before the fight to ensure that all of his reactions are affected. Another is to continually drop heavy sacks onto his back in order to weaken him. Another is to smear Vaseline into his eyes so that he can't see clearly.
Once he is in the ring, he is tormented by a picador who rides a horse, putting the horse at risk of injury through being gored by the enraged bull. Sometimes, the horses' vocal cords may be cut so that the "audience" don't hear them whinnying in pain. The bull is stabbed with a lance by the picador.
The banderillos then come in and put stakes into the bull's back, in/near the wounds made by the picador. The bull throws himself in pain, covered with blood.
Exhausted, confused and dying from blood loss, the bull is then "turned" (tricked into moving in the wrong direction) by the matador, who uses a red cape*. When he has done this for long enough to show off supposed "bravery" and "skill", he takes a sword and hides it in his cloak. He then turns the bull a few more times, wearing him out. The matador then runs at the bull with the sword and thrusts it into the bull's shoulder blades and into his heart. The sword may not hit the bull's heart straight on. It may come off the spine or ribs and come out through his side. It may hit bone and not penetrate deeply. It may pierce a lung, causing the bull to cough up loads of blood.
Eventually, the bull collapses. The matador may be allowed to cut off the bull's ears or cut out his tongue whilst he is still conscious. The bull may die in the ring or he may be dragged off by mules (those mules may also be treated cruelly and/or killed) to the slaughterhouse. Bulls do not usually survive or are allowed to live after a Spanish bullfight.
This is absolutely sick. This is evil. This is totally unacceptable.
Opposition to bullfighting is not just for non-Spaniards. Many Spaniards are also either opposed to bullfighting or have little to no interest in going. According to a poll by the Humane Society International, only 29% of Spaniards support bullfighting. The Canary Islands and Barcelona have both banned bullfighting. It is time for the rest of Spain and all Spanish territories to also outlaw bullfighting.
Thank you to the moon and back. I apologise if I upset anyone.
Best Wishes to all,
Have the best day and night ever!

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