Stop Killing Elephants for Ivory

People want to buy Ivory jewelry because they think it is rare and beautiful. But what really is rare rare are the Elephants that are being killed to make jewelry for the beasts we call man to wear.
Elephants are beautiful creatures. People kill these animals just for their tusks to make simple things like jewelry. How wrong is that? These animals are being killed and becoming extinct because of Ivory dealers. We need to STOP this NOW before it's too late.
Sign this petition to tell Ivory Dealers to stop their killing that gives us the name "The Beast we call Man"
We the undersigned are against your sales of Ivory. It is wrong and cruel. And is hurting the earth. You are murdering animals for simple jewelry. Taking their tusks to make some simple cash. Now that is just wrong. Terrile. Cruel. Horrible. Disgusting. Monstrous. Cut it out. Quit it. Stop it. For there is no good reason at all to kill these animals. Stop and stop now. We are all against the killing of elephants for Ivory. You said you only had two people who told you they were against it. Well, heres an extra 200. On your website you insulted every one of us. All 200 of us. And everyone else in the world. You said we shamelessly contribute to the destruction of wildlife. First off, what kind if person insults other people? Why do people even buy your jewelry when you just insulted over half the world's people right there, plain as day, on your website? We are all mad and we want you to STOP. Quit it for this is just wrong. Stop.
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