Calling for the Humane Treatment of Animals in Egypt's 7 Governmental Zoos

  • by: D.Mansour
  • target: The Government of Egypt

The animals are starving and dying in the seven governmental zoos of Egypt and they need YOUR help!

The animals in the zoos of Egypt are in dire need of medical attention and proper care, and the Egyptian activists need our help to put pressure on the authorities that turn a blind eye.

Just last week three American bears allegedly were given an overdose of tranquilizers that led to two bears falling and breaking their necks and one drowning. The Government covered up the story claiming that they died in a 'mating' spree fight. Reports confirmed that none of the bears who died were male and they indeed suffered an overdose that led them to their deaths. And this is just one incident of the many appalling incidents occuring in zoos all over Egypt. Animal welfare is not part of the training of zookeepers and vets in the country and it contributes in the fact that animals are treated with extreme cruelty that often leads to 'mysterious' incidents of deaths and blantant animal cruelty. Not only do animals have to endure the unrelenting cruelty of a life in a zoo, but they are tortured and treated as sub-beings for the pleasure of displaying them to a public who doesn't care about their welfare. Animal welfare education is unfortunately non-existent and animal cruelty in Egypt, even among young children, is common place.

Please sign this petition to urge the Egyptian Government to put an end to this cruelty. This petition has started off calling for the closure of all zoos, however a consultation online with an expert proved that closing down the zoos would put the animal's life at risk - risking to be killed for the lack of money to transport them elsewhere. Therefore, and considering such risk we call on the Government of Egypt the following:
(1) Halt any increase in the population of animals in the zoos for at least 5 years until the status of the current animal population is proven to have improved. 
(2) Put some of the animals who suffer from bad health conditions up for donation or sale to any animal park or zoo interested in having them be transported on the expense of the receiving government. Otherwise, guarantee their life and safety and treat them humanely.
(3) Train the staff of the zoos to respect the welfare of animals and to treat them humanely. 
(4) Employ qualified vets that attend to the injuries and bad health conditions of  animals.
(5) Publish a yearly report and make it public on the condition of the animals for the coming 5 years to evaluate the improvement, if any, in the current condition of animals.
(6) Improve the environmental and overall conditions of the parks and guarantee that in the time of feasts and public holidays and peak times the parks are not overflooded with visitors thus repeating the tradegy of the American bears that recently ended up being killed.

It is time to say: enough is enough! Unfortunately, it would have been easier to call for the closure of the zoos, but unfortunately money talks and it can put the lives of animals at risk. This page sums the cruelty faced by animals in different zoos across the country and pictures speak better than words: It is time to put an end to this cruelty once and for all!

There are also many other ways through which you can also help. This petition goes in line with a number of other petitions started for the same cause. Please sign and help save a life! 

Other ways to help:

1. Please also sign & share the following petitions: 



2. Share this information with as many as you can!

3. Leave a comment regarding the shameful treatment of animals in Egypt's seven governmental zoos at the Facebook-page of Egypt's president, Dr. Mohamed Morsy at:

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