At the Rate Deforestation is Going There Will Be No More Trees in 100 years. This Needs to Stop!

  • by: Zander Kramer
  • recipient: President Dilma Rousseff, President Evo Morales, President Ollanta Humala, President Rafael Correa, President Juan Manuel Santos, President Nicolas Maduro, Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Reebok, and President Obama

The rain forests are essential to the worlds ecosystem and despite this we are cutting them down faster than they can grow back, this petition will not fix the problem but this will be a step towards a solution. The first thing you may notice about this petition is the multitude of people I am sending it to, this is because deforestation is a serious problem not just for a single person to handle, it is something that everyone is responsible for. I write the the presidents of the regions that contain the Amazon rainforest which is being subjected to severe deforestation and they should be encouraged to stop it for they make very few attempts to slow down the onslaught of farmers and loggers clearing away the forests. I also write to multiple shoe stores, this is because their shoes are made of leather, leather that came from cattle ranches causing deforestation. This is because a cattle farmer will “slash and burn” a large swath of forests to clear land for the cattle. This technique involves cutting the trees and then, obviously, burning them and accounts for nearly 50% of all destroyed rain forests. This creates fertile soil and land for the cattle to roam, the problem with this technique, aside from the fact they are destroying large parts of the forests, is that the land cannot be used for long. Without the forest the land will grow dry and the grass will disappear forcing the farmers to move on to a new area, leaving a scar upon the land in their wake. It is very hard for the forests to recover because the soil is low quality and dry. Slash and burn farming is not by any means a new practice, the indigenous people of the Amazon practice slash and burn farming but on a much smaller scale and when the land was no longer useful they moved to a separate part of the forest and would allow the damaged area to heal. Since they did not destroy extremely large areas of land the ground would not go dry from lack of trees. In this way slash and burn did not leave a scar upon the landscape and was completely sustainable, but the amount of damage inflicted upon the forests in today’s slash and burn farming leaves the forest in a state where restoration is very unlikely to happen naturally.
Aside from looking pretty why do we need forests? you may ask, well trees account for nearly 40% of the Co2 absorbed from our greenhouse emissions yearly. Trees are helping to stop global warming, yet we continue to lessen their numbers and increase our emissions. When studying deforestation it was really easy to get stuck up in the facts that point towards the end of the world like the fact that 70 million humans are added to our population a year while the amount of trees are going down by around 3 to 6 billion trees a year. But the small facts are what really make you feel how horrible deforestation is, I say that the forests are going to be gone but along with them will go habitats and animals who live in those habitats. Up to 28,000 species are expected to become extinct by the next quarter of the century due to deforestation. That is not animals, the thought of 28, 000 animals dying is pretty horrible, but these are entire species extinct. 28,000 species that will no longer exist just because humans failed to stop destroying forests even when there are humane alternatives such s growing hemp or maybe just not using s much cattle.
This petition is getting sort of long so I’m gonna wrap it up with a message to the people reading this petition, though this may say it is targeted to all those presidents you have never heard of in truth this is targeted at you. I know my petition may not make much of a dent in the political affairs destroying our forests but I know I might be able to make a dent in the lifestyles of someone out there. So to the people reading this petition, you can create change. If you sign this petition don’t just forget about it, remember when you are out shopping be aware of what you are buying, that those leather clothing’s didn’t just cost the life of a cow but also an acre of rainforest and thousands of animals living in that acre. Attempt to spread awareness about deforestation and how it is a problem that needs to stop.

Thank you if you want to learn more visit my blog

Dear to who it may concern,

The unrestricted destruction of the rain forests has to stop, a leader of a country or a large company you have the responsibiliy to be aware of where your products are being made. We need to pass stricter laws on the logging and create a more severe punishment for illegal logging and sever destruction of the rainforests. Without the rainforests the ecosystem of the world would very much collapse, though we will not reach that point yet, we are steadily aproaching it, after deforestation desertification follows and soon the world will be a much dryer place with acidic water and atmosphere because there is not longer the greenhouse gas sink know as the rainforest. Please take steps to slow down deforestation and eventually stop it.

Thank you,

Zander Kramer

Update #14 years ago
Hey everybody!
Thank you so much for signing my petition and sharing, we are almost half way to 1000 signatures for stopping deforestation. Remember the power is in your hands to make a change. If you want to understand more about the topic and what you can do to help, visit my blog or just search the web. Education of how our world is being torn apart is the first part to fixing it. Commitment to fixing it is the next step.

Thank you,
Zander Kramer
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