Free Lolita the Orca - Slave to Entertainment !

  • by: Vivien Gstr
  • target: Owner of Miami Seaquarium, Arthur Hertz

Lolita was captured in Penn Cove in Washington State in 1970 at the age of only four in the biggest whale capturing in history, during which 5 orcas, including 4 youngsters, drowned tragically and were then hidden from public by slitting up their bellies and filling them up with heavy rocks to dump them in the deep sea. People eventually find out about those dead whales when they mysteriously washed up on the coast months later. Whale capturing was illegal from that time onwards.
Lolita (at that time called Tokitae) was purchased by Miami Sequarium for $6,000 USD. Since then she has lived in a tank that according to USDA/APHIS standards is inadequate at only 35 feet across. Currently Lolita is one of the largest of her species in captivity, but her tank is the smallest and oldest in the world to presently hold an Orca. Activists want to see Lolita retired from performing and released to what experts say is the most humane home for her, the ocean..

The park claims that Lolita would be in danger if she were to be released and cite the death of Free Willy star Keiko as their example. Experts such as Dr. Kenneth Balcomb state the exact opposite, citing that Lolita, unlike Keiko, has the benefit of being able to locate her highly researched and well document family (including her more than 90 year old mother and younger sister). Something that experts were never able to ascertain with Keiko due to poor record keeping on behalf of his captors and those involved with his initial purchase. Activists say that even if she were to die at least she’d pass in the same manner in which she was born: free.

Lolita has served Miami Seaquarium's materialistic goals for long enough. With more than 40 years of her life ahead, it is time to let her retire and come home.

--Alongside this online petition there will be signatures collected from students in a british school in Spain. Mid-January both petitions will close, packed up together and send to the Miami Seaquarium.

Thank you and spread the issue!

Dear Mr Arthur Herzt

This petition was created in order to kindly ask you to agree to end Lolita's life in captivity.

We, 822 people from all around the world, share one same interest: Lolita's well being. Lolita leading a life where she belongs to.

We hope that you do so too.

Mr Arthur Herzt please let her be free. Show your big heart for animals, and for Lolita, a whale who as served you for so long, and make us all happier than we could ever be by simply watching Lolita swim in the Ocean instead of the little tank that you've provided.

Freedom for Lolita.

Make a big first step, Mr Herzt. It is in your hands. Show that you are agains animal cruelty, that you know when it is enough, that you appreciate what Lolita has done for you.

Kind regards,

822 people giving a voice to the voiceless.

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