Tell Wisconsin NOT to kill our rare white deer, the "Ghosts of the Forest", NOT EVER!

  • by: Patricia Randolph
  • recipient: The Wisconsin legislature, Dept. of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Board, and citizens of Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a small herd of rare white deer around Boulder Junction. There are perhaps 75 of these albino and some piebald ( spotted ) white deer across the entire state. The hunters want to kill them. The annual election of two delegates of five per county to represent all citizens has been dominated by hunters 99.9% for the past 88 years. The election and vote will be held in every county in Wisconsin, Monday, April 13, at 6:30 p.m. Locations and the questionnaire can be found here:

Hunters like to imply the deer have a "recessive gene" as if it were a fault. Blue eyes in humans are a recessive gene - it is just a gene that does not manifest often - and in this case creates great beauty.  You can watch video of them here:

The public television documentary "Ghosts of the Forest" ( ) about our white deer had 14 million views when it aired. People come from around the world to photograph and see them. They are documented in the historic journals of European explorers. They are important in Native American legend. Local people protect and feed them, benefiting also from tourists coming from around the world to catch a glimpse of them or photograph them.

Please sign and network this petition widely because citizens around the state who do not kill wildlife are not aware of the importance of electing representation to govern our public lands and wildlife.  It is important that citizens recognize the importance of this election and vote.  We need a revolution of humane people showing up and running as candidates to elect a paradigm shift to protect our brother wildlife.

Monday, April 13 at 6:30 p.m. in every county in Wisconsin, citizens (even children of any age) can vote on whether to kill sand hill cranes, white deer, expand killing 4,750 black bears over packs of dogs, and expand trapping in all public lands to all night and day 6-7 months of the year.  Please support Wisconsin citizens to attend this election.  It is the only night of the year they can vote on these hunter proposals and elect HUMANE delegates ( and run for the two delegate positions) - two of five in every county in Wisconsin.  We need humane candidates in every county.  Hunters will have two in all 72 counties.  Please save our 75 or less white deer.  They have been here since the European explorers first came and took over.  They were rare then and remain few.  Don't forget to network widely.

Thank you!

Update #44 years ago
The white deer were spared April 13 by a very small margin ( 150 more votes for them out of a very low attendance statewide of 4600 ). Wisconsin citizens have abandoned their wildlife to killing interests since the very beginning. We need to let them know that the rest of the world values our wildlife because hunters went after white deer last year and this - and will not quit until they get their way. Please help spread our petitions now!
Update #34 years ago
The only night Wisconsin citizens can vote AGAINST killing our rare white deer is Monday, April 13, at 6:30 p.m. in every county in Wisconsin. Please if you are from Wisconsin, attend and RUN 2 humane candidates in your county every year to change the proposals. Locations for all 72 counties: ONE NIGHT THAT YOU CAN SPEAK FOR THE VOICELESS! THANKS.
Update #24 years ago
URGENT: Please network this petition far and wide. We need 100,000 signatures so the 2000 signers enrolling signatures of 10 people each and those 20,000 enrolling ten each would do it!) Please act. If we lose these albino deer, their genetic diversity and beauty will be lost forever. I am counting on you...they are counting on you. Thanks so much for helping!
Update #14 years ago
Thank you for signing.

Please network this petition to animal friendly organizations, email lists, facebook and twitter friends to get us over 20,000 signatures by April 13.

Please care enough to organize state by state to reform FUNDING of state nature agencies, replacing killing licenses as the main funding mechanism to general public funding tied to fair representation for the 90% + who do not kill wildlife for fun.

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