Worldwide Petition to End Animal Cruelty. Be a Voice for those without a Voice!

  • by: Isa Villanen
  • target: Governments of India, China, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, the Tcheck Republic. Ireland, UK, Poland, Albania, Afganistan, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austr

Animal abuse and cruelty are growing and the suffering and abused animals fill shelters and roam the streets of many a city. 

We need to give our voices to those who have none, who suffer in silence, who are starving to death and are being abused, tortured and even raped to death or skinned alive, battered to death, desexing without anesthesia... The list is endless.  All those battered poor souls need our voices, they need our help.

We cannot live without animals, we need milk and butter and meat, but it does not justify anyone to abuse e.g. dairy cows. And going veg is not a solution either, there cesrtainly will be some humans torturing horses, dogs, cats, etc.

By signing this petition you can make a difference, and, as humans, we need to take a stand to prevent more abuse and violence to animals.

We cannot be silent, when those that are our pets or other domestic animals are suffering elsewhere. And not just pets, all animals, like circus animals, those in fur farms and other farming facilities, laboratories, bred for slaugther in a cruel way... The list is a mile long.

We need to make animal welfare our business, governments are money-driven just as many other organizations. Even if we could save animals just in one country from cruelty, torture and abuse, would be a huge victory. Join in, and lets make a difference. 

In many countries the gorvernment officials still ignore the anima rights. There are thousands of places where animals suffer abuse and even torture: circuses. labs, farms, homes, in the wild (traps and unnecessary torture, starving animals to death, skinning them alive, slaughtering live cows etc.)... 

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