Corrupt Cops That Make Good Cops (and civilians) Worry

    My husband and I were arrested on 02.27.17, after his daughter and son-in-law text him to come gather belongings he had stored at their home. His kids and I have never gotten along well; no harm, no foul. I tried to keep it as, "let's at least be cordial, for your Dad's sake, since we all love him and he loves all of us", but they decided to try and make a complete mess of OUR lives, in the hopes he'd drop me. The plan backfired, but I'll get to that.

    They disliked that their father was married to me and we had plans to move...when he hinted subtly that they may be adding a new brother or sister to the family (trying to warm them up to the fact I was pregnant), they flipped.

    His daughter, who is the one I'll be referring to for this post (he also has a son), is 31, married, with two small children of her own (his son, also married, but no kids, is 34) - I'm 36. They hated the age gap, they hated they were "losing" their free babysitter/house sitter and despite all I'd done to help them BOTH, financially and otherwise, they hated me.

    On 02.27.17, his daughter, who I'll call M, text him and said he had about 30 minutes to come gather his belongings or they were going to throw them out on the curb for just anyone to take. I'd been awake maybe 40 minutes, and my husband, having had a Bloody Mary, asked me to please drive.

    No problem.

    I agreed to stay in the vehicle, to avoid any confrontation with M, but after his son-in-law, who I'll call J, head-butted my husband and punched him, I stepped out and started helping Craig (my husband), load his belongings into the car, and then stepped in between J and Craig and asked them to, "break it up - the faster they do, the faster we can get his stuff and go".

    J then decked me, M hit me directly in the stomach (remember, I'm pregnant), and J grabbed and threw me to the ground (I'm NOT a small woman - I'm 5'9 and was about 160# at that time). I stood and continued to load the vehicle while a neighbor, who had been standing outside FILMING THIS, called police.

    We'd been set up.

    Yes, I was driving a bit fast in an area I was unfamiliar with, and I swerved to miss an animal running in front of the car. I hopped a curb in the process.
    Given another five minutes, I would have had the car off the curb. However, Marana Police Department showed up.

    Instead of issuing me a citation for failure to control, which I admit I did run the curb and fail to control the car by swerving to miss the animal, Craig was arrested for domestic violence and I was arrested for DUI and TWO counts of domestic violence! They refused to charge J and M, despite our asking.

    Neither of us touched J or M and being pregnant, I had NOT been drinking! I had a Monster energy drink poured into a 32oz convenience store cup with ice, in the cup holder, since that's what I was drinking when he got the text and I just grabbed it for the drive.

    We both spent the night in jail.

    Craig took a plea a couple months ago, but I'm still fighting this in court, because my BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) came back (for Ethanol) at TWICE the legal limit!

    (Note: Ethanol is in everything from cakes and cookies to booze to candy and granola bars.)

    That being said, the officers who arrested us, and potentially the entire department are some of the cops who make legit police officers fear for their lives. Easy to say - I know, most people claim innocence and blame the cops.

    But, this is serious.

    We fought to have Craig's wallet, keys, prescription medications and cash returned, which were confiscated at the time. We spent weeks arguing with HIS arresting officer about it.

    The officer who arrested me, was obviously new and unsure of what she was doing. She was also pre-occupied with her "partner". She lied on her report, several times (I requested video and audio, as well as written reports, to help Craig, since I have a bit of law under my belt and had an attorney, which he was not allowed).

    Now, THIS was just released. PLEASE do us a favor and make this go viral! My family has suffered damn near a year, fighting this, to find out how crooked and corrupt this department really is! Sylvia Nicholas

    Officer Nicholas was the one who arrested Craig. Officer Sylvia arrested me. I've been reading into the released documents all morning and it doesn't get any more sordid than this!
    (BTW, Nicholas was engaged and Sylvia was married and has a son. Jebus!)
    Check this out!

    But, wait! It gets better!
    Check out this story...

    (By the way, I believe this is the link that, should you scroll past the story, you can read all 211 pages of released documentation. If not, feel free to enjoy this trashy, Fabio-style story here.)
    Here's yet another one!

    And, another one!!!
    I've found so much about this, since my husband first shared it with me yesterday...I ask you please share and make sure these asshole cops suffer as much as the hell my family has been through as a result of their negligence.

    (BTW - Craig and I are closer than ever as a result, hence the "backfire". When first booked, we were separated because reports said he and I were the ones fighting/domestic violence. If they can't get that straight...)

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