Save Dogs Like Cabela That Was Blown Up At the Hands of its Demented Owner

  • by: SUE LEE
  • target: Washington State Proscecutors, Local Government Law Makers

My heart breaks for this poor, beautiful young animal (a three-year old yellow Lab) that was blown up at the hands of the owner who felt it was possessed by the devil.  The Washington man, a Mr. Dillingham, is a fireworks distributor and states he got the dog from a man who was moving.  This sick human being strapped explosives to the poor family dog’s neck and detonated it – killing the dog instantly while this person hid behind a wall, watching.  Authorities were called to the home at 4 in the morning due to the explosion and found the pet’s body parts strewn around the yard.  Dogs are such loyal loving animals as exemplified in such a breed as the Yellow Labrador retriever and no living creatures deserve such a cruel end!

Mr. Dillingham had the gall to plead not guilty when charged with animal cruelty although he faced many other charges; reckless endangerment and possession of an explosive device that he used on the dog earlier this month. Prosecutors were initially criticized for not immediately charging this person with animal cruelty but they felt the other charges would slap him with the highest amount of bail and charges since people seem to never get what they deserve when hurting an animal!!!!!!!!!!!  Mr. Dillingham is now held on $500,000 dollars bond and will return to court on August 29th.

 Some try to say that if the dog did not suffer, it is not a case of animal cruelty; they speculate Cabela died instantly and did not suffer.  Does that mean if a child or human dies at someone’s hands without feeling any pain or suffering, it is not murder??!!

There was obviously something sick and disturbing about this individual who did this to Cabela; yet no one had a clue until this incident??  And then an innocent creature who probably never did anything wrong in its short life had to pay!!  Come on people!  Something has got to be done to protect animals.  Disregarding their existence and uneventful demise is an absolute crime and must be dealt with to the full extent of the law as with any other crime!  These beautiful creatures that trust humans explicitly do not deserve such neglect, cruelty and abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Washington and All State Governing Offices, please do something to enforce strictor laws and punishment for people found responsible for hurting a poor innocent animal.  Any person, despite the circumstances, should not take it upon themselves to hurt these creatures but they know they can easily get away with it!!  Because they do!!  Please, please do something to stop the cruelty, neglect and abuse of those who cannot defend themselves or speak on their behalf. 

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