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  • by: Mr. Q
  • target: everyone who hates the new CN format
this was the message i sent to the Cartoon Network company, if you agee with my letter please sign my petition, then copy and send it to CN here

Ok so first off just get rid of CN real, it's CARTOON network
r-tards meaning it's the place where kids want to go to watch some quality cartoons

Next bring back the CN city format for all of your regular days and times. main reason for this is it was the best format you ever had cuz it doesn%u2019t go off in some space alien or random crap(like now) tangent, it just took the shows and characters and put them together and showed their interesting interactions, besides, that's what Cartoon network is about, the shows.

thirdly, bring back toonami and have tom 4 runnin your prime time
cuz, I%u2019m tellin ya, i've been around a few forums and youtube chats and found that a lot of people grew up with and loved toonami, and hate what cn has turned into. so, with this change you'd be bringing back the older cartoon loving generation. i swear BOOSTED RATINGS.

fourthly, the old Fridays were EPIC, you know the time when there was an awesome show hosted by two people who made a lot of cool jokes and talked about things us kids wanted to hear. and with that we got to see new episodes of our favorite shows on a night WE DIDN'T HAVE HOMEWORK. in case you couldn't tell that was a hint to stop showing new episodes ON MONDAY YOU IDIOTS.

 Lastly, where is your spongebob?
nick has had that show on for just about 11 YEARS. you, however, cant get a show past its 5th season. now i'm not saying something like find one show and stick with it, but some quality shows you've cancelled are as follows:ed edd n eddy, time squad, samurai jack, the grim adventures of billy and mandy, KND, megas xlr, fosters, juniper lee, camp Lazlo, and teen titans. some of the crap on now: any show with real people, total drama anything, super hero squad, hotwheels, clone wars, and the worst of them all johnny test.
wait i forgot one thing, scooby doo, you people have ruined the name, with your movie where you change fred%u2019s hair and call it their "first mystery". Hello! pup named Scooby doo, it was a show YOU aired about Scooby and the gang when they were kids solving mysteries, idiots. and your new show, i saw the first episode and it was all i could take, the beginning dialogue between the people who set up the mystery is retarded, you got new people to do shaggy and velma's voices, you give them all new relationships (like shaggy and velma are going out, and Daphne%u2019s in love with fred),  make fred obsessed with traps, and get some new guy with crappy animation skills to draw the show.

sorry if you get this message the first time, but i will be sending it hundreds of times to make sure it gets threw.

         Mr. Q

if you has any extra ideas, or changes to my letter, post them with your signature
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