We've watched this series from the very beginning and we've seen all the kilig and touching scenes both Billie-Vince and Billie-Lando could offer (except for the last two episodes, that is). And we don't know whether it's the story/plot/material or how they characterized Billie, Vince, and Lando or how they handled the story of the two tandems but we must say, we have to agree with what some (if not most) people are saying: that Sarah and Coco have MORE chemistry.

Errr.. let me rephrase that. Sarah HAS chemistry with the two actors but they're two very different chemistries. Fortunately for the Sarah-Coco tandem (and this is just MY opinion), they have that rare, hard-to-find, undescribable, unexplainable "IT" factor. I don't know what that "it" is and I don't know why they have more of that "it" but "it" is there. And the "it" that I'm talking about has no connection whatsoever to what could happen to them off-cam or to their private lives. Labas na ko dun. As a Sarah fan, kung kanino at saan masaya si Sarah, dun ako. I'm basing my opinion on what I see on-cam and from my view, they have that "it" chemistry.. that "umph" advantage. As much as I want to describe or explain it better, I just can't eh.

And that "it" that we're talking about is further proven by their scene kanina. Yes, there's a lot of Billie-Vince scenes and yes, Billie choose and is marrying Vince but (and again, this is only MY opinion), the Billie-Lando scene became the highlight of that episode.. one of the highlights of the whole series for me. The delivery of the lines, the emotions conveyed, and yung pasok ng music (the best pasok of music scene for me).. ang galing lang! Hands-down ako sa ganda at galing ng scene na yun.

Now we understand why during their promo at ASAP, mas tinitilian sina Sarah at Coco at mas maraming views sa youtube yung mga videos na yun.. why tuwing may mall show/provinicial concert si Sarah at natatanong niya kung sinong maka-Vince or maka-Lando, mas maraming humihiyaw na maka-Lando.. and why sa facebook poll between Vince and Lando, nagwagi si Lando. They just have "it" kung ano man yun.

And in addition to this, if ABS CBN will give a chance for COSA to be paired again in television or movie, you will not regret that this two might be the next hottest loveteam in town. We are signing this petition for you to grant Coco Martin and Sarah Geronimo an equal opportunity to be paired as loveteam in any project that may come may it be on TV or movie.

Thank You very much, and we highly appreciate it if you take action to our petition immediately.
We, the fans of Coco Martin and Sarah Geronimo will be grateful if we see them again together, it's either on TV or Movie. Thank You for your time on reading our petition.
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