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This is the story:
 Lauren my daughter was in the process of getting Buddy out the door to take him for a walk. She was late getting him when she went to shut the door she accidently dropped the leash and Buddy went running down the stairs to go to the bathroom. Two dogs were at the bottom..a sheltie and a dauschaund..Buddie came running up to them to play and the two dogs lunged at Buddy..Luis.....the
owner let go of the dogs leashes and they jumped on Buddy.Buddy did not bite the little dogs hanging on him until the Lauren came in and started pushing the Sheltie away.The sheltie  bite Lauren and that is when Buddy started fighting.The owner (Luis) was punching Buddy in the jaw to try to get Buddy to let go (stupid) as my other daughter Emily had to pull the dauschaund off Buddy's leg and hold him and when my 3rd daughter  Heather  and I heard the commotion  came down and I went to Buddy's face and started talking to him and rubbing between his eyes trying to get him to open his eyes he was so scared I almost had him where he was letting go of the dog and Luis  punched him in the jaw yet again causing him to bite down harder at this time Heahter my daughter grabbed Buddy by the back legs (smart) and this caused Buddy to finally let go he never once after this tried to get away or growl or lung at Luis or the 2 dogs Luis called Animal Control ,.AC came..took the statement of Luis (He cant really speak English well) and mine and all 3 of my daughters statement and took Buddy , the Sheltie  was left home to quaranteen. They released the sheltie after 10 days from home quaranteen but have Buddy in custody. The Animal Control Officer told  me she was doing a DDI because of the damage that was done to the other dog. Hea had to have stitches.We have seen him playing in the park since he is fine now no serious injuries. She did not site Luis for his dogs biteing Lauren and Buddy 1st only me for Buddy causing damage to the Sheltie Collie which bite Lauren and him 1st.There is a hearing on the 29th. of this month at 10am at Orange County Animal Services Building Orlando Fl where they are looking to deem buddy as a class 2 dangerous dog (highest level). As you can see by FaceBook help free buddy , Buddy is not a dangerous dog, PLEASE HELP US GET BUDDY HOME OUT HOME IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT OUR "BUDDY"

We the undersigned want to bring to your attention after reading Help Free Buddy - seeing the images and the reports feel that Buddy has been done a sincere injustice. He should be home with his loving family, instead he is locked up. The statements provided from the "victims" do not match each others. The other 2 dogs bite Lauren and Buddy 1st and Buddy was protecting Lauren and himself, we feel that you are discriminating this animal because of his breed! We also feel that this animal is in harms way not being at his home. Thank you for your time and for reading this letter.                                                       

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