Ban Bear Bile Farming... NOW...

Asiatic black bears are affectionately called Moon bears because of the beautiful yellow “crescent moon” found on the bears’ chests. They are typically 4-6 feet tall with thick, shaggy fur and big round ears. Weighing 140-200 kg, males grow to around twice the size of females, which weigh 60-130 kgs in the wild. Their strong claws enable them to climb trees with ease and they are strong swimmers.  
Some facts for you guys..... To facilitate the bile milking process, the bears are commonly kept in extraction cages, also known as crush cages, that measure around 2.6 feet x 4.4 feet x 6.5 feet (79 cm x 130 cm x 200 cm) for an animal that weighs between 110 to 260 pounds (50 to 120 kg). While this allows for easier access to the abdomen, it also prevents the bears from being able to stand upright, or in some cases move at all. Living for 10–12 years under such circumstances results in severe mental stress and muscle atrophy.. This is sick and highly disturbing. It has to stop now.   
In Vietnam the method used to extract bile is different but no less detrimental to the health of the bears. The extraction is undertaken with the assistance of an ultrasound machine, catheter and medicinal pump. The bears are drugged, restrained with ropes and (if the operator is unskilled) have their abdomens repeatedly jabbed with four-inch needles until the gall bladder is found. The process can lead to leakage of bile into the body and often results in a slow and agonizing death from peritonitis. 
If this was happening to people we would take a stand and it would stop. We must take a stand and fight this to the end. I thank you all and and as always please post on your Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook and anything else that you have. I thank you all. With respect always James Howie.    

Warriors of All Realms (Founder)  Please look for our group page on Facebook.  All are welcome.
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