Ban Greyhound Racing In Florida, Forever!

Greyhound racing is an exceedingly cruel and abusive industry, in which the dogs are often injured while racing, and are killed when they are no longer profitable and can't be adopted.  Every year thousands of dogs are killed because they can no longer run fast enough - the economics of dog racing demands it.  They daily face cruel treatment and neglect, often with sparse veterinary care. They are forced to perform all year, even on the hottest summer days. They are caged for up to 22 hours per day and fed the cheapest meat possible. Thousands are seriously injured while competing; these injuries include bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, seizures and death from cardiac arrest. Thousands of puppies are specially bred just to race.  Dogs, which do not show ability while training, are killed.  The lucky few, are adopted out.  But there is a down side to that too - every time a racing greyhound is rescued and adopted, some other companion animal in a pound or shelter is not. These beautiful animals are running for their lives.  Greyhound racing goes against the very values of our great community.  Dogs play an important role in our lives and deserve to be protected from individuals and industries that would do them harm. It is just plain cruel, inhumane and should be against the law. There are other outlets for gambling that don't exploit animals."Come on Florida"...Please support our crusade to put an end to greyhound racing forever by signing our petition.  Many other states have already banned greyhound racing. It's time our state of Florida does the same.  Please take a moment to view the following video with music by Sarah McLachlan .  Look at the horrific conditions these poor animals must endure for a lifetime - however short it may be and remember these images the next time you have the opportunity to speak out against greyhound racing. To end greyhound racing, it will take the support of everyone who cares about dogs. To date, volunteers nationwide have contributed their time, money, and talents to help end this cruelty.  For more information on dog racing and to find out how you can help, go to
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