Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature


We the undersigned request that through the accredited, Applied Ecopsychology process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature, you help increase personal, social and global well-being on Planet Earth (emulating "Pandora," in Cameron's film "AVATAR").

We make this request for critical reasons:

The calm, joy and restorative powers of a quiet walk in a natural area are well known. A new sensory science helps us strengthen these powers and use them to reduce our prejudice against nature (PAN) and our other great disorders. 

Nature's special perfection is the ability of  its natural attraction essence to peacefully maintain pristine optimums of life, diversity and cooperation in balance and beauty.  Its cyclic intelligence seldom produces garbage or pollution, or our excessiveness, abusiveness, isolation, wars and disorders.

We are nature, it is us. Every five to seven years the purifying flow of nature, through, within and around us, replaces every molecule in us. Part of our DNA is plant DNA. This confirms that we are, and that we inherently think, feel, resonate and communicate with the way nature works.  (

Sadly, for excessive profit, PAN socializes our thinking to conquer or exploit nature in and around us.  We bias our thinking to demean or fear nature.  This wounds our psyche and senses; it reduces our natural restorative abilities. Their self-correcting ways can't help us remedy the troubles that our misguided thinking creates. 

To counteract this folly, engaging in sensory nature-connecting activities, backyard or backcountry, revitalizes nature's flow through us so its streaming better heals and renews our injured rational, emotional and spiritual self. This releases Dopamine. We feel rewarded and happy.

From five decades of research and experience, a scientific tool, Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE), enables our excessively nature-disconnected thinking to benefit from conscious sensory contact with nature's recycling and transformative powers. 

Without help from NAE at Project NatureConnect, our destructive ways continue. (

The hands-on process of NAE is rooted in these empirical truths:

1. Since the beginning of time, the dance of natural attraction has been everywhere. The Higgs Boson discovery shows that from sub-atomic particles to the Universe, space is filled with natural attraction energy.  Natural attraction holds things together.  It grows, heals and is aware of itself. We call it Love or Whole Spirit (holy), Tao, Reiki, Chi, Quantum, or Ki. (

2. Like all of nature, humanity is the flow of natural attraction manifesting itself as us.   (

3. Natural attraction consciously registers in our psyche as at least 53 intelligent and rewarding natural senses. For example, our sense of thirst communicates our need/attraction for water.  Thirst wisely turns on when we need Earth's water cycle to flow through us, and turns off when we don't need water. In addition, our sense of excretion intelligently tells us to feed our waste-water to nature; this perfect food nurture's nature. 

Similar to the above, our other 51 natural attraction senses operate in the same balanced way.   They include our senses of place, touch, community, taste, music, sight, literacy, happiness, reason, respiration, consciousness and belonging.  Each produces a special joy when our thinking fulfills it in nature's mutually supportive ways.  (

4. Throughout the eons, Nature and Earth have been a non-literate way of knowing and being. Although their minerals and creatures communicate and, in cooperation, coordinate their attractions with each other, they don't accomplish this through the literacy of our written or spoken words, labels, stories or mathematics.

 5. On average, industrial society's linguistic story has us spend more than 95 percent of our time indoors, and 99 percent of our thinking and feeling while separated from authentic nature and its pre-literate, attraction-prone intelligence. For this reason, our scientific and creative stories about life are often nature-disconnected illusions about how natural attraction works. To our cost, we addictively train ourselves to think with these deceptions. Many problems result.

6. Our stories and science of nature are seldom fully true because they are stable abstracts; they are shortcuts and vicarious ways of knowing. In contrast, real nature, including us, is not a stable laboratory. Mother Earth is a living being. Nature is alive, an ever-changing, ever-growing act, the flow of natural attraction relationships in the present moment.

7. Nature is the fountainhead of authority on how its natural attraction essence works. If natural areas were literate they might describe themselves as a cathedrals of natural attraction in support of life on Earth.

8. Most substitutes for authentic nature are imperfect; they produce adverse side effects.

9. Natural sensory perceptions are the most tangible, true and unifying things that our thoughts and feelings register. To our loss, society pays us to think while suppressing the empirical, nature-connected, sensation facts that our natural senses introduce to our mentality in support of our, and our Living Planet's survival.

10. We cannot solve our personal and global problems if our thinking disengages us from the unifying natural attraction wisdom present in the "now" of connection moments with each other and the web-of-life.

To reverse our disorders, we need to think and feel with the full powers of our natural sensory intelligences.

Backyard or backcountry, NAE sensibly enables us to intermingle and fulfill our 53 natural senses with the renewing ways of natural attractions. By strengthening them, we enjoy rewarding natural attraction experiences.

Please learn more about NAE through books, online courses and degree programs linked to

Please help the public add the NAE process to their personal and professional lives. It helps us do onto nature and the living Earth as we would have them do onto us.

Thank you for your attention to this crucial element for improving our personal, social and environmental relationships.


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 The AVATAR Film: How Industrial Society Deprives Us from Thinking With Nature's Wisdom.

 In a scientific article about the Avatar film and how nature works, Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., accuses most personnel in education, science and the media of withholding a key tool for achieving wellness and peace.

 The tool is an accredited learning process, Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN).  It empowers anybody to peacefully increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

Our society's destructive withholding of ECHN from us is exemplified in the film "Avatar." In it, on a fictional planet, Pandora, a naturally balanced and beautiful paradise flourishes. It is rooted in mutually beneficial nurturing and healing connections between its citizenry, the Na'vi, and nature.

To our loss, what the Avatar film omits, as do most media and leaders, is that Pandora's seemingly miraculous process for living in happy and healthy co-creation with nature is based on how nature really works on Planet Earth.

To our benefit, a tool that enables us to enter the Pandora co-creation process with nature is readily available now, in real life on Earth, via ECHN.

ECHN helps us remedy our hurtful disorders and dependencies. In addition, as we reduce our greed we also immunize the environment and ourselves from undue exploitation, the exploitation that generates excessive profits accompanied by destructive side effects and our unbalanced thinking and feeling. 

The challenge we face is that the powers that are addicted to destructive profiteering resist or subdue ECHN.

Dr. Cohen has petitioned the United Nations Secretary General and all people of good faith to help promote and teach ECHN 

Any caring person who wants to stop our madness and create greater wellness on Earth is invited to sign the UN petition as well as benefit from the training and career opportunities ECHN presents. 

The Petition is located at

Releases that you can use, or link to, about the Petition are at http:/

Dr. Cohen's article and many testimonials that support ECHN are available at

How and why ECHN works is explained at

The Petition's sponsor is Dr. Michael Cohen, the director of Project NatureConnect at the non-profit Institute of Global Education. Its mission is to help individuals genuinely connect their thinking and feeling with the wisdom of nature's self-correcting flow, in and around them.  The subsidized online program's exeptionally low-cost, UNESCO approved and accredited training courses and degrees enable students to safely make conscious sensory contact with the life-nurturing ways of natural systems. They learn how to strengthen them in and around themselves while in local or remote natural areas. 



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