Elimination of Homosexual Education

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Elimination of  Education of the Homosexual and Lesbian lifestyle in all public schools, Kindergarten through twelfth grade of these United States of America. In light of the constitutions 1st amendment and the declaration of Independances' 14th amendment, This nation as a whole and before GOD In  whom  we trust, charge you this day to uphold the moral Integrity of the laws of this great nation.  We the under signed ask you for your support

-THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA; "Federal encouragement and support for sex education courses, prepared and taught by qualified homosexual men,and woman...also presenting homosexuality as a viable, normal, healthy alternitive to heterosexuality". Homosexual education programs in "all levels of education" including elementry schools;(national coalition of gay organization 1972, gay pride march in d. c. 1993) THE TARGET; YOUR CHILDREN, The homosexual agenda is infiltrating schools, Once thought to be free of such perversity( The gay, lesbian, straight network) Homosexuality is not a civil right! Minority status determined by U. S. supreme court based on three criteria: 1) economic depravation-NO! On average they have a higher per capita income. (wall street journal feb 10, 1989, and new york times aug. 22, 1990). 2 )political powerlessness-NO! Homosexuals demonstrate great influential political power far beyond there actual numbers.(the economist, april 24, 1993). Media news and entertianment coverage is overwhelmingly favorable. 3) Immutable characteristics-NO! Minority groups share unchangable, benign, non-behavioral traits such as race, ethnicity, disability or national origin. Homosexual are the only group to claim minority status based on behavior! One study reports the average homosexual has between 20 and 106 partners per year(6). " knowledge of health guidelines was quite high, but this knowledge had no relation to sexual behavior"(16). Homosexuals live unhealthy life styles, and have historically accounted for the bulk of syphilis, gonorehia, hepatitus B, the " gay bowel syndrome"(27). 78% of homosexuals are infected by STDs(20). Judge John Martaugh, chief  magistrate of the New York City criminal court has said, " homosexuals account for half the murders in large cities.(10) Captan William Riddle of the L. A. police says "30,000 sexualy abused children in L. A. were victims of homosexuals.(10) It takes $ 300,000 to take care of each aids victim, So thanks to the promiscuous life style of  homosexuals, medical insurance rates have been sky rocketing for all of us!(10) Homosexuals account for well over50% of the aids cases in the U. S. A, 70-80% in san fransisco, 66% in New York city.(8) 33% of homosexuals ADMIT to minor/adult sex.(7) Homosexuals commit more than 33% of all reported child molestations in the U S.(19) Many homosexuals admit they are pedophiles. " The love between men and boys is at the foundation of homosexuality.(22) (NAMBA) THIS IS A CHILD MOLESTING GROUP. Current research shows that the true percentage of homosexuals is in the 1-2% range, consider how small this number is when compared to most of the numbers above.(references can be viewed at  www. freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1502263/posts  Homosexual relationships are far more violent than are traditional married heterosexual house holds. These false claims about homosexuals fleeing across state lines are being used as a hook to justify federal involvment in local law inforcement through the interstate commerce clause of the constitution. F. B. I stats from 2005,(the latest available) reveal there is no national epidemic of hate against homosexuals.(source: tables2 and 4 F. B. I hate crime stats,2005) The power of the judical branch of  government is alarming. It has become a dominant force. Which It was never intended to be UNDER our CONSTITUTION, It is the job of the legislative branch to PASS LAWS, which are the reflection of the will of the people they are elected to represent. It is the job of the judical branch to apply these laws. Because supreme court judges are accountable to the law and not the people, they have no system of accountability..Articale 3 section 2 of the U. S. constitution states," in all other cases before mentioned, the supreme court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to LAW and FACT, with such exceptions and under such regulations as the congress shall make." Therefore congress has the authority and responsability to REIN in the courts, to eliminate activist judges from imposing there will without proper representation of the people and legislators they elect! One of the goals of the first amendment was to protect religiuos expression, not to restrict it! It states" congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exersice thereof; or abridging the FREEDOM of speech, or of  the press; or the right of  the people peacable to assemble, and to PETITION the government for a redress of grievances." Clearly the first amendment was concieved to restrict government, not the people. Our declaration of  independance states that the fourteenth amendment provides that " no state shall... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws" The 1-2% of  homosexuals clearly have a discriminating agenda against healthy, normal, moral, married, americans,christians and our children! As do some of our elected officials. WILL the other 98% please help me to make a difference, go to www.congress.org  contact your congressman, senator, governor, assemblyman, write,call, send e mails, tell them to get the homosexual agenda out of our schools. Above all, be respectful, please. Help for activist parents at www.abidingtruth.com   The onlything evil needs to succeed, is for good men (and woman) to do nothing!

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