You Excellency:

How many people in the world have an economical, political, or even social position that can really help solve some of the worlds biggest humanitarian, environmental, animals rights, human rights or extreme poverty cases? You can do something more rewarding with your possessions rather then just buying things: doing something really big, and really important for the world. And that is exactly what this message is all about. Perhaps you already do, perhaps you already help some organization devoted to this causes, in secret, without anybody knowing about it, in that case, pay no attention to the message, and congratulations, but if you dont, you can still do it. Many rich people also have good will, unlike the stated prejudice, and are highly intelligent, and so more likely will feel how important it is to take good use of a good economical, social or political position for the sake of this world and be a very important man, woman or enterprise. The best way to be V.I.P. the best way to be BIG is to make your grandchildren proud for the great things their grandfather did, and be remembered with love and high respect for people in the world, for a noble heart or a noble attitude. All over the world, many volunteers commit themselves to those who have a hard life, because they have nothing to eat or feed their children, to people how are in difficult situations but whose voice is to small to be listen, to those who can%u2019t defend themselves like animals and children, but they cant go very far, or do a really efficient job without funds, and what for them is a fortune is probably something that wont have a great effect on the product of your work. HERE IS A LIST OF ORGANIZATIONS THAT YOU CAN HELP TO GROW IF YOU`D LIKE (ALLTHOUGH THERE ARE OTHERS, FOR WHATEVER CAUSE MAY YOU BE SENSITIVE TO, THAT CAN BE FOUND IN THE INTERNET) YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO THE WORLD: CHANGE IT FOR BETTER.

%u2022 Center for International Environmental Law
%u2022 Conservation Law Foundation
%u2022 Grennpeace
%u2022 World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
%u2022 World Business Council for Sustainable Development

%u2022 Mkombozi Center for Street Children
%u2022 Child rights in the Asian region
%u2022 Stop Child Executions Campaign
%u2022 Ecumenical Coalition on Third World Tourism
%u2022 Pies Descalzos Foundation

%u2022 HANDICAPED INTERNATIONAL (there are other all across the world)
%u2022 A.p.d.m. (Portugal)
%u2022 NASEOH - Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Equal oppportunities ...

Fireman all over the world need and deserve help too.
%u2022 Revolutionary Cells - Animal Liberation Brigade (RCALB)
%u2022 Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)
%u2022 Stop Wickham Animal Testing (SWAT)
%u2022 The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT)
%u2022 Compassion Over Killing (COK)

%u2022 International Committee of the Red Cross (private, sovereign organisation)
%u2022 Amnesty International

%u2022 International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs
%u2022 Physicians for Human Rights

%u2022 World Federation for Families and Friends of the Mentally Ill
%u2022 World Federation of Therapeutic Communities [WFTC]
%u2022 World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders [WFSAD]
%u2022 World Foundation for Medical Studies in Female Health
%u2022 Hospital J%uFFFDlio de matos (Portugal)


%u2022 %u2022 Doctors Without Borders
%u2022 AAH: Action Against Hunger
%u2022 International Catholic Migration Commission:
%u2022 Salvation Army World Service Office
%u2022 Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
%u2022 Leigos para o desenvolvimento
%u2022 Food Research and Action Center
Food First: Institute for Food and Development
%u2022 Rock and Wrap It Up!, Inc.
%u2022 Forgotten Harvest
%u2022 Emmaus UK
%u2022 Father Joe's Villages
%u2022 AMI (Portugal)
%u2022 Caritas (Portugal)
%u2022 National Alliance to End Homelessness

%u2022 Third age foundation
%u2022 University of the third age
%u2022 Santa casa da miseric%uFFFDrdia (Portugal)
Centre for Clinical Effectiveness (Australia)
Cochrane Collaboration Systematic reviews of studies on the effects of health care interventions
European Centre for Health Policy
International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment
Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi) 
All these health organizations can also put you in touch with specific disease aid (for the sick and their families).
Besides all the organizations referred there are others, perhaps closer to you, just takes a little research.

Thank you for your attention, and by the way...

SEE JUST HOW MANY PEOPLE COULD CONTRIBUTE AND NOT ALLWAYS DOES...(and I am not saying that all of these dont contribute, just that many could and don`t...)


It should be embaracing to gather such huge fortunes while other people starve or live on our garbage, while many sleep on the streets, while environmental associations have less economical strenght than they could have, animals defender could shelter more animals, and so many other things where you can help.
So please sir (miss, mrs) , look around, see if anybody needs you, Im sure there are.

(just out of curiosity, the first e-mail is from Cristiano Ronaldo agent, that represents other equally rich soccer players).

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