Forgive SBA Loans!

Forgive SBA disaster loans for hurricanes Katrina and Rita for the residents of Louisiana as they did for the businesses in Louisiana.

Dear SBA
I am writing to express my support for a unique petition for stimulating the economy, one that empowers hard-working, middle-class Americans to jump start the economy, rather than rewarding the very institutions of greed responsible for the current economic crisis we find ourselves in today.

Millions of taxpaying Americans who sought to better themselves and to contribute to society through obtaining a Small Business Loan now find themselves saddled with unconscionable loan debt which prevents them from realizing the American dreams of ever getting out of debt home ownership, starting a business or raising a family. Burdened by such debt, these hardworking Americans see those dreams slipping away before their very eyes as their earning power diminishes, jobs are lost and the price of everything but their homes go up. This was not the promise when they initially sought to obtain one and it is simply not the way things should be in America, the land of opportunity.

With the global economy worsening every day, new and unique approaches to solving this economic crisis must be considered, as the old ways of doing business no longer seem to work in our 21st Century economy.

As Congress and the President gear up to spend unprecedented amounts of money to try and dig us out of this hole, many of us believe that tax cuts and wasteful spending will do little to nothing to truly stimulate the economy. With the historic election of President Obama, we believe that this is a time for REAL change in America. As such, I am writing to ask you to give serious consideration to forgive SBA disaster loans for hurricanes Katrina and Rita for the residents of Louisiana as they did for the businesses in Louisiana.

History shows that meager tax cuts and one-time tax rebates do nothing to stimulate the economy. Knowing such measures cannot be relied upon month after month results in people using that money to either pay down credit card debt or to save it for a rainy day. A real economic stimulus must involve millions of people spending money on a regular basis immediately, which will, in turn, begin to grow capital and create jobs. Forgiving SBA loan debt for some of the hardest-working Americans will actually stimulate the economy because it would put hundreds, if not thousands of dollars back in our pockets EVERY MONTH, psychologically freeing us to spend at least part of that money on goods and services that will get this economy back on the right track.

Instead of throwing good money after bad by rewarding the very Wall Street institutions responsible for this crisis, why not empower the people of this nation to actively work towards rebuilding an economy for the 21st Century? The old Washington ways of taxing and spending, printing and borrowing MUST come to an end. Handing over billions of taxpayer dollars to institutions of greed who then hoard that money for lavish vacations and exorbitant bonuses is unacceptable at any time, but it's particularly egregious at this moment in history. Give the American people the relief they need to get their heads above water and they will quickly start to reshape our economy in a way that is fair, equitable, responsible and smart.

Thank you for your time. I hope I can count on you to give this unique proposal the serious consideration it deserves.  You will also find enclosed a list of over 1000 signatures that sign this petition to have the SBA loan forgave.

My husband, John D. Sweeney, and I are 73 and 70 respectively. We lost the home we worked so hard to pay for in Katrina in St. Bernard Parish. Our house was under water for two and one-half weeks. We lost furniture, appliances, clothing, jewelry, pictures, lawn tools and precious memories. Using our flood insurance money and a 30-year SBA LOAN, we were able to relocate to an area where the threat of water is not an issue. Now we have to both work part-time jobs to make ends meet. At our age, we should be able to retire, but that's not possible. PLEASE CONSIDER FORGIVING THE SBA LOANS TO LOUISIANA RESIDENTS WHO LOST IT ALL IN KATRINA. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.

Please forgive the SBA Loans. It would be stimulus back into the economy.

Let's help some fellow Louisianans...

If not all - a portion.

Before Katrina destroyed our home in Lakeview, my husband and I did not have a house note. We had already paid our original house loan off. We hope to retire in a year, but if we still have a house note we will not be able to retire. We need our country to help its taxpaying citizens for a change.

I am now living close to Shreveport because of Katrina. I was 10 minutes away from ALL of my family and now live 6 hours away. I think forgiving my SBA loan is the least they can do for us. Thank you, Tammy Rumore' Fielder

How many times have we sent money to help other world country and never ask for a dime back it’s about time that the united states take care of their own people forgive the sba disaster loans our insurance rates have triple just to have insurance on our homes now any moneys that we have goes to the insurance premiums then it’s bad enough that we have to pay federal income tax you tax us before we get our pay checks and they you tax us again at the end of the year GIVE US A BREAK and then you take our cost of living raise for 3 years . DON'T RAISE TAX and LOWER the prices of GAS Thanks "OBAMA" maybe I need to for apply for food stamps (FUNNY) I make too much money they say HAHAHAHA

SBP Loans should be forgiven

The feds forgave the SBA loans for 9/11 victims and should do the same for Katrina victims. I am a former resident of St Bernard who did not receive a loan but care enough to sign this petition.

My wife and I are going to retire this year; to not have a mortgage would be great, it would help a lot.

I lived at 3905 Campagna Dr in Chalmette, La. I had no other choice but to move out. My residence was not only flooded with over 14 feet of water but we also had oil from the Murphy Refinery.

We struggled through Betsy in 1965 and we were totally washed away with Katrina 2005.

Please help us I would like to retire one day. I am 68 years old and lost everything I had in Katrina.

Please consider the great loss of homes, possessions, not to mention lost lives from Katrina and Rita. Even though much appreciated, some are having to start over from scratch (0 equity) with these loans for a max up to 30 years! From this alone the loans should be forgiven as compensation from the loss, please consider as some consolation.

We need this forgiven

Please consider the folks who have SBA loans due to Katrina and Rita

At the time of Hurricane Katrina, I resided at 4442 Francis Dr. New Orleans La.70126. We lost everything my children and me. We relocated to Texas afterwards.

I and many family and friends were affected by Katrina and have SBA loans. Please forgive these loans and give them a chance to fully recover from this tragic event.

Please help us!

It would be very appreciative to have these loans forgiven. All of the people who lost items they had been saving their whole lives and have had to suffer these loses, this would be a blessing.

With the economy the way it is this would be a blessing.

I am close to retirement and would have been finished my original house loan 3 years ago, but now I have 28 years more to go for SBA. Paid insurance, but was screwed from them and was too exhausted & broke to keep fighting them; FEMA (went there 37 times their worker filled out my form wrong the first day& it took them that long to figure the problem out); and fought SBA they kept changing over 3 months the amount of the loan after I filled out a contract for a house to be fixed. Still not where I was prior to the storm and never will be with my teacher's salary & low retirement $ looming.

Please forgive our loan. We are retired and on a fixed income. Our previous house was paid for, but loan only has 25 years to go.

Help the individuals who have suffered more than big business

Seems only fair that honest, hard working, taxpaying citizens should have their SBA loans forgiven since their loss was due to the negligence of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the design and implementation of the MRGO in St. Bernard parish. Please seriously consider enacting this legislation. Thank you,

Please forgive my loan.

My house in Chalmette was paid off for 2 years. I had a good job that I loved with St. Bernard Parish. My son was graduating from college the following May and my handicap daughter had good workers. Now I owe an SBA loan that will be paid off when I'm 90. Can no longer work and had to go on Soc. Sec. Dis. We couldn't attend my son's graduation and he now lives in another state. My daughter and I have suffered many medical difficulties since Hurricane Katrina. The least the SBA (government) can do is forgive the loans. Please forgive the SBA loans because most of us who were living comfortably before Katrina are now in dire situations. Take care of your own first then help others.

I not only have a $200,000.00 SBA loan an additionally received -0- from the LRA. I had 10 feet of water in my home plus second floor damage and the LRA decided that I had less than 51% damage. I would think that forgiving my loan would be the least the government could do for us.


It is not wise to be dishonest, truth always wins.


Please send some additional info

Top of Form

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that the government would forgive loans to businesses and not the little people who suffered just as much a loss if not more. Without the people to purchase goods from the businesses, these businesses would NOT


Another 30 year loan to repay and I can't afford this added debt with the increase in the cost of living.

I lived at 3505 Charles Dr., Chalmette, La. My house was paid off and now I had to start all over again with a house note, just when I am ready to retire.

Our family which is Me, husband,& 3 daughters ages at the time of the storm were 15,7,& a 7 week old lil baby girl. Our home would have been paid off in 2009!! But we had to start all the way over with a 30 year loan and also had to make a personal loan for $20, complete our house to where it was before.House note before the storm was 369.00!!!! NOW it is 389.00 for SBA loan a month PLUS 435.00 for the personal loan.824.00 a month now. PLEASE forgive our loans ASAP.I lost the job I had as a bakery manager at a local grocery store that moved away due to the levees breaking so now we are really having a hard time making it...FORGIVE THESE LOANS!!! Thanks and GOD BLESS!!

I need my SBA loan forgiven. I need to sell my house, but would loose money invested once SBA was paid off

Due to the insurmountable losses incurred by all in the areas affected, loan forgiveness would be greatly appreciated. I feel this is a necessary step in helping many recover from these devastating events as the IRS is placing additional tax burdens on many due to strict tax regulations and undervaluing many people's property and belongings.

We are 73 and 75 years old. There are 25 years more of payments on our loan.

My house loan was almost paid off when Katrina hit and now I have another 30 year mortgage. This disaster could have been avoided in Metairie if the Mayor wouldn't have demanded that our Pump Operators leave the Pump Stations.

I lost everything in 14' of water for Katrina. Yes, I got a SBA Loan but the cost to purchase a new home went up so much. It cast me twice as much for a similar home with the same sq footage. Now I am over $100,000 in the hole from Katrina.

If the government can bail out big businesses, why not the little guys!?!

The government seems to like bailing businesses and banks out who did not have loses by nature, but by their own hands. Why not the residents who lost everything... jobs, homes, community, and their way of life!

Please forgive my SBA loan

Before Katrina, I had no house note and a 2800 square foot house. Now I have a 1400 square foot house and two loans, 1 personal and 1 SBA. Please forgive our loans.

I was not directly affected by Katrina but my best friend lived in St. Bernard Parish and like everyone else lost everything

Lost our house to Katrina! Lost Car & Van. Now my Husband has lost his life due to Katrina. I guess SBA will get the House

It would take some of the added strain off during these hard economic times for the victims that were affected for the rest of their lives due to hurricane Katrina!!

I got denied six times and only got loan of $10K but think some should be forgiven at least nominal amounts.

The stress my Husband, Mother & I have endured during Katrina has brought health issues. If SBA loan was forgiven we could get all our Dr. bills caught up and have one less thing to be stressed out about.

I finished paying off my parent's SBA loan for Hurricane Betsy after they passed away. Now I have an SBA loan on my own home due to Katrina. Would be nice if we helped out our own U. S. citizens as we have helped so many of the "needy" in other countries...

address before Katrina was 2400 Riverbend Dr. Violet, lost everything no insurance

My home could have been paid for by now if the storm missed it.

My address at the time of Hurricane Katrina was 2320 Etienne Dr., Meraux, LA. ST. Bernard Parish. Lost everything and had to start over from scratch. Need help with this forgiveness.

To have Katrina steal away everything we worked all our lives to achieve was horrible. The financial RUIN is horrific. A lifetime of Perfect credit was destroyed by her and it is unfair.

SBA should forgive these loans; this is the poor people who had insurance. The ones without got Road Home money. FREE

It is beyond my comprehension that it was voted on prior to passing that this loan would be the only one in the history of the USA not to be forgiven. Was it our fault that the damage was so massive?

Why not domestic aid like we help others???

We got no help, when we lost everything.

The USA gives foreign aid to every country that needs it. It's time for our country to take care of its own people as well. The forgiving of these loans would be the perfect place to start.

With the economy the way that it is people are having a hard time. The government needs to give us a hands up.


Personally, when all was said and done, I still have $20,000 in losses from Katr5ina. Not one cent from the road home program. SBA needs to help those residents that needed an SBA loan to survive. FORGIVE THE LOANS!!!!

Even with our own help, we have been struggling since the storm. No matter how hard we work now it seems as if we keep trying to play catch up and it feels like due to Katrina we will be dealing with that feeling for a VERY long time.

SBA loans for the local governments are being forgiven; it is time to forgive for the residents and victims. This would continue the recovery for both the community and the residents.

If our family had not loss everything due to the floods of hurricane Katrina , we would only have several more years for our st Bernard home paid off and would not have a new larger mortgage that has been difficult to uphold due to the recession. Having our SBA loan Forgiven would be such a great relief and put this disaster behind all of us. Because of having to get a new mortgage loan after Katrina, my husband and I will be in our mid-80's before this loan would be paid. At this time, our Social security would send us into a spiral financial disaster. God bless

How can corporations and banks get loans forgiven by the government and not the citizens of the US? Haven't we lost enough? Please forgive these loans it was not our fault that the homes were destroyed but the failure of the government entities to protect the community and property


My home at 637 Norton Ave, Arabi, LA, in St. Bernard Parish, was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. My family has been struggling ever since to recoup. Imagine our disappointment when we heard that so many businesses were granted reprieves (even in recent gov't bailouts) when the citizens are still made to pay, and pay...

Some young families were forced to pay off their mortgage with their Flood Insurance money, causing them to secure funds from the SBA to rebuild their homes. This would be a great blessing to them.

I have a SBA business loan that I wish could be forgiven

Please forgive my loan since it was the government's fault that my home flooded. The levees were faulty, which was the government's responsibility. Thank you

Our home in Chalmette was paid off. Now, at the age of almost 70 we again have a mortgage payment. We will never live to pay this loan off.

The loan has created more financial problems for my fixed income status. Elimination of this loan would help me greatly.

The SBA loan should be forgiven along with LRHP it does as much Damage as the hurricane even after five years of their abuse which still continues today

The SBA has NOT forgiven business loans. Not only did we get a big SBA loan for Brewster's, but I know of several other business owners and all of us are still paying for the Katrina SBA loans. I don't know who started the rumor, but they probably did it to get everyone to sign up for this. It worked !!!!!

I am struggling now to pay off a new 30 year mortgage-my house in St.Bernard would have been paid off 2 years after Katrina. The note will outlive me.

All the money we are giving to all these countries I am sure you are not going to make the Japanese pay back any money they get from us. Our people should not have to pay back a loan from a disaster we have seen.

If business loans can be forgiven why not the individuals

I lost all tangible assests during Katrina and did not qualify for Road Home Assistance. I did receive an SBA loan to build a new home and am now repaying the loan. My husband and I are both unemployed since January 2011, but we continue to pay our monthly SBA loan. We ask the government to please consider forgiving the SBA loans for Katrina, which will greatly assist those who lost everything to a disaster beyond their control.

If Road Home would've given me what they gave people who had no insurance then I wouldn't be stuck with this stupid loan.

Our house was nearly paid for before Katrina now we are in debt for about another 30 years.

It is true more of us are in deeper debt since Katrina then before and it keeps getting worse

I was not fortunate enough to receive any funding but the abatement of this type of loan would do wonders for the economy.

Katrina took everything from us except our lives, then the oil spill took our spirit.

My pre-Katrina was in Lakeview LA 5454 Hawthorne Place New Orleans LA

Given the aid provided to foreign countries with little-to-no-repayment, as well as, the domestic financial aid that is provided to individuals with little or ineffective accountability; on top of the fact that it was the failure of a U.S. Gov't agency (Corps of Engineers) that caused the majority of the destruction - the least that the gov't can do is forgive these loans; most of which are to homeowners that have "followed all the rules" but have nonetheless been adversely affected by the actions of the gov't.


Louisiana residents suffered enough from both hurricanes Katrina and Rita. A release from having to pay would be the right and good thing to do.

We struggle as we received NO Road Home $, cause we did right and had insurance. It wasn't enough. So the guy across the street got a new house and we had to borrow-nice... If I cancel my car insurance and t-bone a Benz, will I get Acura-FREE while he pays for his new VW????

Economic times have been difficult with the economic problems post Katrina recovery process, the Bp oil Spill, the Collapse of the Space Shuttle Program, cutting off Off-Shore Drilling, and reducing the size of the navy's expenditures for sip building. Louisiana, especially southeast Louisiana, is struggling and any help provided would be deeply appreciated. We appear to be victims of circumstances wholly beyond our control. Some a direct result of government policies.

Prior to Katrina, our home was mortgage free; now since Katrina we are more in debt now. My husband has been diagnosed with cancer and is unable to work. We did have flood insurance which was not enough to restore our home & possessions. No Help from Road home, because of our flood insurance, but people in our neighborhood who were irresponsible & carried no insurance were granted full road home amount awards, when their home were less than half the size of ours and one did not even live in their home at the time the hurricane hit. Give the responsible home owners a break PLEASE. The irresponsible home owners are the ones that got all the help. How is that fair?

I did everything I was supposed to do. I had insurance and flood insurance and although I tried to up my insurance, my agent said what I had was enough. It wasn't. I was woefully underinsured. So many people had no insurance and got tons of help and the people who played by the rules got screwed. It sure would be nice if the people who did the right thing all along were helped out for a change. Forgiving the SBA loans would a way of helping the people who actually did what they were supposed to do!

Why is it that the ones who do the right thing are the ones who feel left behind?

My SBA Loan was used to rebuild my home, which has Chinese Drywall in it. We are unable to live in the house and are renting a house until we can get help to rebuild it again.

My husband was in a serious work accident leaving him blind in one eye and hearing loss among many other things. I think the affects of Katrina and my husband's condition is enough struggles for one family. Please forgive the loans

My SBA business loan has not been forgiven. I am still paying on it and will be still paying on it for another 25 years. It is difficult in this economy.


Please forgive SBA loans

My former home for 50 years: 1809 Alexander Avenue, Arabi, LA 70032

These loans should not be forgiven; all you all want is free money. I had to pay for everything out of my pocket you should do the same.

We lost our home and everything we worked our whole life for in hurricane Katrina and still 5 1/2 years later we are still trying to get back on our feet. Forgiveness of the SBA loans would greatly help.

Since the devastation of Katrina, I have been under extreme finical stress.

The corp. of Engineers is building 100 year flood protection walls a half mile from my neighborhood leaving us outside the flood walls unprotected because congress said to.

My home at 8528 Benjamin Drive, Chalmette, LA 70043 was covered by 14 ft of water in Katrina and again with about 4 feet by Rita. I could not rebuild at that location due to the threat of future storms and family obligations. I was a 39 year resident of St. Bernard Parish until Katrina.

We had finally paid off our home and now we have a mortgage which we will never be able to pay off because of the fact that we were taken advantage by people who knew we were desperate to have a "home"

Since the devastation of Katrina, I have been under extreme finical stress.

Based on the economy it is extremely hard to meet my financial needs

I am try to get my loan moved from Texas to Louisiana

I am currently 67 years old and this loan has put a tremendous burden on me and my wife, as I am retired now due to Hurricane Katrina and we have a limited income.

My husband passed away in July of 2009 and I am now on a fixed income and the SBA loan has put a large burden on me. Trying to make ends meet without my husband here has been very traumatic for me. I am also raising a 14 year old with the only income through Social Security. The forgiving of this loan would take such a big load off my shoulders. The loss of my husband after Katrina and trying to make ends meet have been quite difficult for us.

Pre Katrina I was 61 years old and practically debt free after working for 42 years. Now I have a mortgage on my house and land and had to replace everything that I owned.

We are a ELDERLY and we now have a SBA loan to rebuild our home (we had no other choice) Please forgive these loans

I am 70 years old with a 30 year loan. I am still employed as I have been all my life. When one has everything they worked for destroyed it seems like they would be more help. I have paid income taxes for over 50 years.

Even with the SBA Loan and Flood Insurance we were woefully short in funds to rebuild. 100K was needed from my savings to complete. Please forgive the loan.

This would help my family and me a great deal; especially financially. It may also help my parish come back, St.Bernard as it was destroyed in Katrina

The help was greatly needed and appreciated, but like many, we were close to paying off our home and had to start over after Katrina.

I was within 3 years of paying my house off when KATRINA hit. I'm 61 yrs old and had to move out the area to rebuild, and start all over again. I now owe 27 yrs of payments to SBA. I do appreciate the fact that SBA did approve us for a loan. It's very hard at this time in my life being retired. I would pray that SBA would forgive these loans. Thanks

I lost everything that I owned because I was living in St. Bernard Parish. I applied for rental assistance and was told by FEMA that I was approved, but when it came time for them to reimburse me; I was told that they were not going to send me any assistance because I had a job. Over 5 years ago, I was devastated and yes, I do have a job, but I believe I will never recover from the financial loss.

The Corp of Engineers has already been sued and we have won that lawsuit for St.Bernard Parish, and the lower ninth ward. Although we know we won't get any money from this lawsuit, at the very least, we should have our SBA loans forgiven so that we can get out lives back to normal. For my family, which are nearing retirement, our retirement is gone. Our home that we lost in Katrina was paid off, and was our retirement investment, which we lost because of no flood insurance. Now, we have a 30 year loan to pay back when we will not even live that long. Please forgive these loans, and give us another chance to enjoy our lives once more. Thank you.

Not only will this impact people's lives dramatically, but think of how this will stimulate the economy. With 1000's of mortgages forgiven, people will now pore their money back into the economy. I hope this is true

This was a manmade disaster and I lost my home, NOT because of the hurricane, but BECAUSE of the ineptitude of the Army Corp of Engineers

Please forgive my loan, help us please.

I feel that the little people should get a break on their SBA loans. Why do the businesses always get the tax breaks and other freebies?

Our lives were so impacted with this at the time of Katrina our house was paid off now me and my wife are having to pay another 30 yr loan for a house and we are both retired on fixed incomes and starting over in our 60's and with the economy like it is things are getting worse for us. If the federal government can forgive loans for businesses why not the poor people.

I did not even receive the road home money and had no flood insurance.

The Parishes were forgiven why not the people????

I am 61 years old & my husband is 70 we worked all of our lives and now have a 30 year loan we struggle to pay. It is most overwhelming.

We will never recover for all we lost. Even with any forgiveness of loans, but it will relieve a little stress to know your loan is payed off. Thanks!

My house was paid for, now have another 30 years thanks to Katrina.....we may never get to enjoy retirement.

My home was paid for and now thanks to Katrina I have another home loan.

My home was paid for and now thanks to Katrina I have another home loan.

I had just retired and my home was paid off. I thought I would have an easy retirement. Instead, I had to start over with a SBA loan to buy another home.

Many families were affected by the breech of the levees. Some individuals needed to take out loans on home that were fully paid for.

Lived in St.Bernard and was impacted like all others

I lived at 3205 Golden Dr Chalmette La 70043 I lost everything in Katrina, although I had State Farms Insurance I did not have flood insurance. State Farms would not pay me because I didn't have holes in my roof. However the roof had blown off. Therefore, at the age of 68 I had to start over with nothing. I had to cash in three fourths of my retirement so I could buy/rent a house. SBA loaned me money to buy furniture. I am paying off a mortgage and SBA for furniture.

I have currently filed for bankruptcy b/c the time after Katrina had my wife jobless and has caused us to fall behind on all of our bills. It was such a bad time that we also fell behind on our SBA loan causing them to garnish my wages. A forgiveness of my loan would be a blessing.

I had to move out of state for a job opportunity after Katrina making me ineligible for a "Road Home" grant. I wanted to make sure to do my part in recovery in St. Bernard Parish and could only do so with an SBA loan. I am teetering on the brink of having to declare bankruptcy in making mortgage and SBA payments.

The responsible and prudent act to take is to forgive the SBA Loans to those who are still recovering, both financially and emotionally from the losses and devastation entrusted upon them as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Let our Humanitarian consciousness begin with aiding Americans first, the ones who pay taxes and support this Great Country. God please continue to Bless America, Danny Bourgeois

I have struggled to make each month's payments on my SBA loan. I am grateful for the loan, but forgiving the loan would allow me to spend more money and help continue to grow the economy. Thank you for your consideration in this most important matter.

I agree we should get it cleared my SBA loan was the biggest mistake I ever made if I could go back I would not have signed the papers....

There are too many people still struggling, until the government reaches out to the New Orleans area and assist them there will be struggle. Instead of paying $139,000 dollars to a company to raise a home that actually costs $17,000.00 give those funds to business owners to grow. How many hands have to be in the Kitty in New Orleans until the citizen’s stand up for their rights?

We are still struggling. This would probably save our family.

My son had to file bankruptcy trying to survive. Please give these people a break.

I am 66 years old and hoping that I can retire in the next few years. As of now, my SBA loan won't be paid off until I am 93 years old.

Please consider this. Our entire lives will NEVER be the same again.

Please forgive loan, I wouldn't have a loan if it wasn't for the government idea to built the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet! And Flood everyone!

Please forgive my SBA loan!

We are still struggling financially almost 6 years after Hurricane Katrina. We need still need help.

I had 5 years left on my mortgage and now I (my husband) have a 30 year sentence. Not to mention that I had flood insurance, and I also did not qualify for the compensation grant (which does not have to be paid back), because my husband is a hard worker and makes too much money. How crazy is that?

I am a small rental landlord who lost all of my rental properties in Katrina. Had no flood insurance. Borrowed $300,000 from SBA to rebuild. I am a widow 75 years old trying to survive. Forgiveness of this loan or any portion of it would be a God Send.

Almost 6 years after Katrina and we are still having problems with bills and we are just trying to keep our heads above water. Please forgive these loans so that some of the burden can be taken off the people who suffered so badly in Katrina.

You did it for businesses do it for the real people that suffered personal loss.

My house was 3 months from being paid off now I owe 40,000 asking for forgiveness.

We sure could use a break!!!

This would truly help the residents who are still trying to recover financially.

Hurricane Katrina and Rita left our families in complete devastation; not only by what was lost but also by the separation it caused our family and friends to build elsewhere. It has also left us broke, rebuilding your life is very expensive.

With the struggling economy this would sure help out a lot of people if their loans were forgiven. This has been done in the past and would greatly be appreciated now.

Still need help. Never qualified for Road Home Assistance.

My home loan before Katrina was paid off. Now my husband and I are retired and paying a mortgage again.

Sure would help the economy

Many of my good friends were impacted by hurricane Katrina. After being hit by hurricane Isabel myself, I so feel for anyone who has to go through this. If there is anything more that we can do to help these people I think we should do it & then some.

Too many people are losing their homes bought with SBA money still struggling since Katrina. Needs to be forgiven, so they can go on

If the total SBA loan cannot be forgiven, then at least a percentage should be and would be appreciated.

My dear husband was getting ready to retire well, Katrina fixed that! New house....he is still working and barley making ends meet. It would be a blessing for our loan to be forgiven. Truly a BLESSING FROM GOD!!!!

Katherine OConnor

It is truly the right thing to do. If big business can get a break, why can't the struggling taxpayers? Please forgive our SBA loans.

I had to make an SBA loan to repair my home after Hurricane Katrina. Now I need to make another loan because I have Chinese drywall. Not looking forward to the added debt. This would be a blessing after all the bad luck we seem to be having!

No one wanted to hear your story. People would come back with stories of their hardships that were completely covered by insurance.

I think this would be a little light at the end of the tunnel! We suffered the hurricane and the oil spill; this would ease the burden for many people!

I lived in St Bernard Parish during hurricane Katrina and have been affected financially and emotionally from the devastation. My husband and I have an SBA loan which has been a huge burden on us since we had to relocate and start over. I feel strongly that SBA should relieve us from this hardship

SBA forgave ST.Bernard Parish for their loans and they needed to forgive the people for theirs too

We lost everything and it took everything to rebuild and we are still struggling. We are still worse off now than before the hurricanes.

Did the right thing and ha flood insurance, but the housing prices after the storm was so high, had no choice to make SBA loan, lost 14 years of paying on flooded home to start over with 30 more years.

We have been through so much....

The government forgave the business SBA loans why not the people. So many people who had their house paid for or only a few years left now have a 30 year loan and they are in their 50's.

Used all my retirement funds to recover from Katrina. Seventy-two years and no longer work to save for future.

I lost everything and had a very small mortgage under 20K , Now I have a 50K loan and am close to retirement, please forgive the SBA Loan

Being on a fixed income with SS this would a great relief.

We have struggled to rebuild our lives and continue to fight every day. Please help us to help ourselves!!!

Lost home in Katrina needed to find someplace to live, housing prices were thru the roof, had to take a regular mortgage & sba loans just to find someplace to live, now all these loans are killing us.

Help the little people in this country that have been struggling to get back on their feet since Katrina.

Recovery has been traumatic.please forgive

I feel if you can forgive SBA business loans then why can't the people of St. Bernard who own homes have their loans forgiven, thanks to the Corps of Engineers I lost my home, haven't we suffered enough, why not help put us back on track, instead of five years later, we still owe everyone with no relief in sight.

Thanks to Katrina and the IRS I am on the verge of bankruptcy. All I have to look forward to is becoming another burden on the system if this loan isn’t forgiven.

Please don't let the government let us down once again!!

I have been struggling to rebuild my business for 5 years. I didn't qualify for much so it has been a GREAT hardship to try and get my life back. I am still in debt and about to file bankruptcy 5 years after the storm took everything I had. I did not receive an SBA loan for my personal home or business, only for my two rental's that are now worth less than what I owe. Forgiving this SBA loan would be a blessing. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

It is the right thing to do......FORGIVE!

We have been through so much. This would help so much; especially since this was a failure of the Army COE.

The SBA messed my life up!! Took advantage of me & left me in all kinds of trouble!!

Breaking backbone of America Small Business

The levees were intentionally broken€¦Hurricane Betsy loans were forgiven and Hurricane Katrina destroyed many more homes and lives and 6 years later families are still displaced€¦this is America we live in the land of the free and the home of the braves€¦

What about the homeowners?????

I didn’t get road home. This would help out greatly

The levees broke and destroyed my home over five years ago and I am still not completely back from that tragedy. My mother and father have both died in that interim period. We received zero dollars from Road Home and had to resort to an SBA loan. In the past other states have had disaster loans forgiven after five years - WHAT ABOUT US!!!

I know I live in MS but still signing in. THANKS

The loans need to be forgiven because of known government deficiencies for allocating the necessary appropriation for the operations and maintenance, and restrictions on citizens reentering their properties by the FEMA organization. This justified the insurance companies not to pay for as long as a year.

I lost my home and everything I owned in hurricane Katrina. I am 56 years old and before Katrina my mortgage on my home I had 5 years left to pay. Now If I live long enough I will be 81 years old by the time I pay off this mortgage. Please help!

That would be a great thing if they did forgive our loan. Like most of us we are starting all over with a 30 year loan.

We have went long enough

I lived at 3552 Kings Drive, Chalmette, LA. I obtained a $10,000 loan from SBA because I could not afford to pay back the large loan that SBA offered to me to rebuild. My husband was retired and I was the only one working. We now live in a trailer in Picayune, MS. It is very difficult for us to make the payments of $100 per month. Each month we struggle. It would be a blessing if our loan would be forgiven.

If businesses were allowed to have their loans forgiven, it would only be fair to allow the citizens who suffered hardships during this time frame to be allowed to have their loans forgiven as well. Most properties were damaged because of "man-made" constructions not by the act of nature. Please be fair to all not just a select few.

I feel like they should forgive the SBA residential loans just as they have done for businesses.

SBA should be forgiven for the Homeowners, due to the contractor fraud some are still facing, and we as homeowners have suffer same as business or more. The elder have to start over with a 30year mortgage, I myself will be 87 yrs and I am forced to stay in the work place because of the loan.

The Businesses loan have been forgiven so why not residents loan. The burden on us all is tremendous. So BLESS also the working family.

A lot of people are in economic hardships

Damage due to gov't action - mrgo

Lost 2 homes in st Bernard due to poor management of levee protection

Top of Form

I had to make an SBA loan in order to get into a new home. However, I lost any equity I had in the home destroyed by Katrina. Due to the very slow and unsure direction Road Home was taking us, I had to sell my house, which had a good structure and the land for $30K and paid $170K when I purchased it.

You should forgive it since you have given away to people who owned nothing and left us in more depth than before Katrina!!!!!

I lost my job at the beginning of November, 2010 and despite my efforts, have been unemployed since that time other than to have picked up a paper route. My home is in foreclosure proceedings, and if the SBA loan that I made could be forgiven, it would relieve some of the extreme stress I am living with.

We could use a break as we deal with the economy the way it is these days.

Our government needs to take care of the Americans that are suffering because of Katrina. The insurance Premiums are out of the box making it impossible is some cases not to be able to afford the SBA Notes plus the extremely high insurance premiums. I am one of those people. Not to mention the fact that we are unable to rent rental units. Hurricane Betsy and the California Earthquake loans were forgiven. Please take care of our citizens of this country and not worry about rebuilding other countries.

The above address is where I am living now. My address at the time of Katrina was 1603 Deborah Drive, St. Bernard, LA 70085

The government forgave loans as a result of Hurricane Betsy. Why not for Hurricane Katrina?

I would have had a paid off home. I am older now and had to start over with a house note and a business loan for my husband. I medically retired before Katrina and now must do part time work to survive. I have a very bad immune system and get sick a lot. I stress out about the finances since the storm.

I was a renter in st Bernard when Katrina hit we had to leave no money no home nothing left, Fema would not help because Sba gave me a loan offer what else could I do with 4 kids at the time, Had to replace everything once I did finally get back home on my own got behind in my sba payments from the personal loan now sba intercepted my taxes for the last 2 years not just some of it they took all of it so more or less I done paid over $ 11,000 dollars in 2 yrs on a 19,000 dollar loan..This sucks they could at least took the 1200.00 that I had to pay a yr,


My home in St. Bernard had been completely paid for since 1993 due to my husband's death benefits from his life insurance policy. He wanted to make sure that I and my two sons always had a home to live in. As a result of Katrina, I was forced to move from my home in St. Bernard to Mandeville, causing me to incur a house note which placed a severe burden on my financial status. I am 55 years old and will not be able to retire as long as I have my 30 year SBA note. Being that it has now been proven that homes flooded in St Bernard from Katrina due to faulty levee designs which were mismanaged by a section of our government, I believe the loans we had to make with our government to rebuild or relocate should be forgiven.

I defaulted on an'm not proud of it. I lost everything I owned as a result of Katrina. Not unlike multitudes of others like me. My only option after all my efforts to get help was S.B.A.which is now garnishing my S.S.D.I need debt forgiveness...plain and simple!

Since businesses loans were forgiven the residents loans should also be forgiven. The burden on us all is tremendous.

The government gave money to banks and other large corporations that stole and mismanaged their money. This was a natural and government (corps of engineers levee system) disaster. It is of no fault to the residents of the gulf coast region. Our insurances paid us next to nothing. We had to get SBA loans to replace all contents in our homes, replace our cars, replace clothing, and help supplement our loss of income. We needed this money to survive. Please forgive these loans. In this economy it's hard enough paying an existing mortgage, not including the SBA loan on top of that. SBA loans have been forgiven in the past. You can help us and forgive these too.

We, the consumer, are the back bone of this country. Businesses have been forgiven, bless also the working family.

How about taking care of the little guy for a change?

Why are we less important than big ceos of big banks? Take care of us. We're the back bone of this country.

Everyone says you should bury Katrina and put it behind you, but how can you do that when the financial hardships caused by Katrina are still there every month as a constant reminder. Please forgive the loans!

I'll never be able to retire as long as I have this new 30 yr. loan with SBA. The note is twice amount per/month as the one that I was half way finished paying on the house we lost in Chalmette during hurricane "Katrina".



Forgiving SBA loans will be a great help I am on social security the cost of living is up. As a tax payer I can use a cost of living increase' that was taken away. Please help Thanks R.A.B.

I lived in st. Bernard parish lost everything would love a fresh start

Katrina has ruined everyone's life's a more ways than you can count. We do not need add another 30 year payment to our lives.

We are still struggling and our Parish and neighborhoods are gone forever. They will never be the same.

We lost everything and was homeless for 1 year

We lived in St Bernard Parish in 2005 and found ourselves homeless after Katrina. While we appreciate the SBA loan, we had to fight for it because we had insurance. We did not receive Road Home money for the same reason. Now, if our SBA loan were to be forgiven we could add this money to our son's college funds. Please consider forgiving these loans.

Take care of us first, and then send overseas.

I Lost Everything In Katrina And Struggling To Pay Bills Each And Every Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it has been 5 1/2 years since the disaster of hurricane Katrina which destroyed everything I owned along with countless would help so much if we (my husband, Alfred and I) did not have the added financial expense of the SBA loan...forgiving this loan would be such a blessing..

We did everything we were asked to do Ins, work, pay taxs, etc please give us the same as the "others"

I took the time to get flood insurance. I had a smaller home, under 1000 square foot. The contents coverage is limited by the size of the home. The coverage paid for both content and for the home was not enough to rebuild. With all the grants given to persons who did not did not have coverage...I've been doing the right thing and I am still paying for it. It's been hard and life's little disasters have not ended with the storm, just to compound the problems. Forgive us, please.

Yes, they should forgive them because most of the people who are paying them are the people who had flood INS. The people who didn’t are riding high with their road home grants.Hows that fair...We were punished for having Insurance...

We all need our loans forgiven to be able to go on with our lives without the worry of another 30 yr loan. The loans were the only option we had. Basically we had no choice BUT to make them. May the government find it in their hearts to forgive us our loans with the grace of GOD to lead them? If the businesses are forgiven why not us. We ALSO lost our homes and all our jobs due to the Corps poor levee building. Our home was washed 2 blocks away. There are no words to describe the gut feeling of helplessness when we returned home for the first time to Arabi. So PLEASE PLEASE forgive us our loans.

Former St. Bernard Parish resident having a difficult time with our relocation.

I was truly disgusted and don't know if I will ever get past the effects that Katrina has had on the lives of myself and my family. Before the storm, our home was paid off and my husband worked 10 minutes from our home. When it was time to get Road Home money, we were told that we did not qualify to receive it because we moved to MS. From what I understand, Road Home money was money from the federal government; therefore, as long as my husband and I moved somewhere in the US---we should have qualified for the grant. I am very grateful for our SBA loan, but it would be such a blessing for them to forgive our loan.

Please forgive the SBA loans as you have done for so many businesses and parishes. We are retired and were in good financial shape before the storm. Now, we are struggling. We did everything the right way by having flood insurance and we were not eligible for Road Home or any other services. If we could get these loans forgiven it would help us so much.

By forgiving these loans you would be helping the economy of Louisiana by enabling the people that were damaged by this storm to put that money to other use to improve their living conditions or pay that amount towards other debts. Which would help the people and the economy.

Parish/business loans have been forgiven. The people who have lost everything are in more debt than before the storm. Help the people by forgiving their SBA loans.

With this economy between gas prices and the loss of income it is impossible to make ends meet. Still struggling after the storm and the SBA loan is just like an anchor dragging us down. This wasn't our fault this damage was done by the corp. and the defected levee system that has already been proven in court. So why are we paying them for damage they caused us? At this point I would be willing to drop my class action suit if they forgive my loan...I just want to move on I am tired and sick of the red tape and the endless time it takes to get anything done. I just want it to end. Just forgive the loans and let us live in peace. Everyone has lost so much just go away and leave us alone...

I think the residents have suffered just as much as the businesses and if their loans have been forgiven so should they all!

So much for being responsible. I had insurance, but like most not enough for the magnitude of loss (everything). Folks that didn't carry insurance didn't have to worry, they got money too. So much for selling my damaged home and lot to the Road Home Program that was supposed to help me get back home. They gave SBA 65% of the money for my house to pay on my loan. What exactly was I expected to buy with my 35%. A lot of paperwork for the 3 yr period. In 1965 after Betsy, folks got SBA loans and after 6 or 7 yrs, the government forgave all of the loans. I believe strongly in past practice, so isn't it time our SBA loans be forgiven?

I’m unable to re-pay this loan because of being laid off in my type of business I’ve already been laid off for 2 years almost and I just got laid off again thanks

Top of Form

I’m unable to re-pay this loan because of being laid off in my type of business I’ve already been laid off for 2 years almost and I just got laid off again thanks

I as well as 39 other homes in my current subdivision that were purchased with SBA loans am now facing another disaster in that our homes were built with Chinese Drywall!

Not only did we lose our home in Meraux, La., which would have been paid off sooner than the 30 year loan we currently have, we (us and the partners) lost the business which is still requiring monthly payments, and by the way some of us do not have the money to make that payment due to the major changes we had to make because of Katrina. The Government bailed out the auto industry and the banks; I would hope that SBA would seriously consider bailing out the Louisiana Citizens of this United States, as most of us are hard working individuals trying to go on with our lives.

Lived in Lakeview and lost everything and still struggling.

It's about time for the Federal Government gives the CORPS -"VICTIMS" a break!!!!!!!!

Being that it has now been proven that we flooded in St Bernard for Katrina do to faulty levees designed and mis-managed by a section of our government, I believe the loans we had to make with our government to rebuild should be forgiven.

We are still struggling 2 make ends meet

Hurricane Katrina has made it impossible for me to retire as I now have a 30 year loan on my home. I am 61 years old and had my house completely paid off other than 20,000 I owed for a home remodeling equity loan I had taken 3 years prior to the storm. Please help.

St. Bernard Parish Resident pre Katrina

We have all lost so much. Our lives, families are forever changed.

That would be a very happy day for many disaster victims.

At the time of Katrina we only owed 4 years on our house. Now we are back into a 30 year loan. This help would be incredible as our family was majorly set back. We had to use all of our savings, including our children’s college funds, to have a home and furnishings again.

PLEASE help us and FORGIVE These SBA Loans.

Make sure to give back the monies to those who already lost it to SBA - make it retroactive so that those funds from the Road home can be used to rebuild and be returned to the people who had SBA loans. Not only did I have a SBA loan but SBA took my Road Home Money and now I cannot rebuild because I have nothing.

We lost home, business, friends and family - SBA put a lien on our home for funds received for personal property, some that never even had jobs before the storm received funds from FEMA, Road Home and SBA with no lien and have more than we have. We still do not have a place to call home, would like to move but if had to pay SBA first wouldn't get anything to move with. May GOD have mercy on those who have suffered enough? My kids want a place to call home.

We still need help down here and this would help boost the economy here as well help!

Please help us down here we lost everything. Please I lost my job in Jan it’s hard to paid bill. It would be great to not have a SBA loan thank you.

I lived in St Bernard Parish, LA. When the storm hit and was flooded like the rest. And have a SBA loan. The GOV give grants to everyone without insurance and they do not have to pay it back. This would be god sent!!

Please give us a break! We are more in debt now than before the hurricane Katrina

Please forgive our SBA Loans. We suffered through Katrina, then the BP Oil Spill disaster. We deserve some relief from all of our burdens. This would be a great help if our loans were forgiven. Thank You

Please forgive our SBA disaster loan - we are both retired, on a fixed income. This has been a hardship for us to pay back this amount of money.

Did not receive any Road Home help or FEMA. Had to make SBA loan to replace home IN LOUISIANA


The rental houses cannot deem much rent from tenants because since Katrina money is tight. By the time we pay insurance, flood insurance and taxes, we hardly can pay for upkeep, etc. Please help us!!! We lost our business and our lively hood because of Katrina.

This request is for my daughter, hurricane Katrina took away a lot from her. She deserves a break.

With the economy and oil spill coming up right behind Katrina. LA needs a break!!!

I was a first responder and lost over 200,000.00 never regained from Katrina. My wife has been diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2009, filed bankruptcy in 2009 and recently was laid off from my new job after retiring from the NOPD after Katrina.

I lost everything due to Katrina, got no FEMA money or insurance to help, we are so in debt now, just barely paying the bills, this would be such a blessing, because now we are acquiring medical bills from all the stress the storm has caused over the last 5 years ....

I think the simple fact that SBA is aware of the financial, emotional, & physical devastation most of us have suffered is reason enough to forgive what, in the scheme of things, is not that large of an amount of money to the government. We are struggling to make payments as neither me, or my husband have been able to find steady employment since Katrina (we both worked our entire lives in New Orleans pre-Katrina). Our family is in danger of being homeless at this point!

We lost everything in Katrina and insurance didn't pay us a penny for all our contents. They said we didn’t have any receipts. How could we have receipt when our home was completely destroyed? Insurance companies are a joke as they just want us to donate money to them and with the help of our government they don't have to pay what the policy states. We have to fight the insurance companies when we were completely devastated. Shame on them.

Katrina and now the BP Oil Spill

It would truly help me to have my SBA loan forgiven considering the home I purchased with that loan has Chinese Drywall and has to be totally redone.

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

Would be a blessing, lost everything once to Katrina, now on the verge of losing it all again because of the economy. Something has to give

Forgiving my SBA loan would be an answer to my prayers. My house in Meraux would have been paid for in 2010 but since Katrina, I have a mortgage again. If big banks can be bailed out, why can't the decent, hard working people of the hurricane Katrina devastated areas be bailed out?

Lost my home & my business of 17 years, could not recover anything!!!!!

Lived in St. Bernard. 10 feet of water in my home and oil from the refinery. Nothing was worth saving.

Many of us had to purchase new homes at the ti

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