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We, the undersigned, submit this petition to protest any further proposed legislation that pertains to controlling and/or otherwise regulating female reproductive health choices until after the 2012 presidential election.

We respectfully request the Congress, as our elected representatives collectively, focus on that activity for the remainder of this presidential administration or until such time that the economy is fully recovered.

We wish to exercise our democratic right to notify our federal representatives that they are not performing the duties to which we elected them in a satisfactory manner.

We wish to petition legislators to cease presenting any bill or proposed legislation for consideration which deals with reproductive health until the next duly elected President of the United States is sworn into office.

Further we wish to request that Congress draft a resolution stating this cessation.

We also propose that any and all bills/measures pertaining to abortion and reproductive health which are presented or considered in absentia of this resolution or contrary to it must stand on their own, and be named as such.

The current majority of the House of Representatives and many in the minority in the Senate were elected on the premise of creating employment opportunities and expanding the current job market.
We the Undersigned:

Formally request that Congress, in it's entirety, stop addressing the issue of abortion and reproductive rights until such time as the United States economy has recovered, or until the next duly elected President of the United States has been sworn into office.

While we understand that this is a very important issue to many of your constituents, the vast majority of us are, quite frankly, shocked that such legislation seems to be the prime focus of so many of our Congressmen in a time when putting food on the table, providing a roof overhead, and keeping bellies full is a more difficult task than at any time since the Great Depression.

We are tired of watching our elected officials wrangle over terms like 'forcible rape' and haggle over whether Planned Parenthood spends the dollar bill that came directly from the Federal treasury or the one that came out of Mary Blanks bank account.  We are fed up with the sound bites, the back-and-forth arguing, the bickering.....none of which moves our country in ANY direction at all. 

Whether or not abortion is legal, severely restricted, or only available to those who can pay out of pocket, makes not one iota of difference to someone who's been out of work for 2 years, lost their home in foreclosure, can't provide food/clothing/shelter for themselves or their families.

House Speaker John Boehner has called banning abortion funding a 'top priority'.  We want you to know that it should be LOW priority until such time as mass unemployment, rampant foreclosures, and reliance on social support networks has fallen substantially.  We simply don't understand - and probably never will - how restricting/eliminating Women's Reproductive Rights takes precedence, in any way, shape, or form, over the responsibilities Congress has to stabilize an unbalanced economy and address the situations that caused such instability to not only happen, but to become a 'sustained instability.'

Please, pay attention to, and address, the REAL 'top priorities' in our country right now.

Thank you.
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